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This should make for an interesting day on Wall Street

The debt “Super Committee” admits defeat. Even their legislative coup in declaring pizza a vegetable last week may not be enough to counter the suspicion that Congress is incapable of addressing our other significant problems. Look for more Congressional hearings into sports teams and the college bowl championship.

UPDATE: Say, here’s a surprise! Congress has 13 moths before those supposed mandatory cuts kick in – plenty of time to change the law to reward their friends and punish their enemies. But they wouldn’t do that, would they?


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Theodore Forstmann has died

Age 71, One of the first leveraged buyout guys, he coined the term “barbarians at the gate”. A Greenwich native who gave away many millions of dollars. I never met the man but he has family in Greenwich and to them, my condolences.


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NASCAR crowd boos Michelle Obama – “what will we do, what WILL we do?!

Run, mama, run!

Obummers to host country western music concert at White House. That noted country western star, James Taylor will perform and, naturally, PBS will broadcast the (non) event because you don’t piss off your sugar daddy.


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Some animals are more equal than others

Occupy Wall Street leaders occupy $700 per night hotel suits as paying guests.  Back in my hippy days we questioned all authority, read authors like John Locke (and Kurt Vonnegut, of course) and thought things through for ourselves. Today’s pseudo-hippies defer to their college professors, think as they’re told to by those professors and the liberal elite of Hollywood and never strain for an original thought of their own. Hope and change.

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