Looking for your Wall Street friends this week? They’re out of town.


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6 responses to “Looking for your Wall Street friends this week? They’re out of town.

  1. Sooooo glad your back Chris – great headline

  2. Walt

    Stevie Wonder –
    Are you blind or what? You got Ms. McBeal back again, sniffing all around your house. She wants your turkey leg, Dude. Well maybe a chicken leg in your case, but you know what I mean. It is sooo obvious.
    Invite her over and try and slip her the giblets. What have you got to lose? She has an impressive set of fun bags. Not Steph worthy, mind you, but certainly worth a look. You want to double date? Steph may be in town.
    We can’t go to Thataways though. Did you know it is closed? And they are going to put a building where the patio is. How bad does that suck? It was the best place on the Avenue to have a drink and scope out the hotties. It will be missed. You know any other good pick up places in town? Besides Beemers? You load.
    Your Pal,

  3. Cos Cobber

    Is it time to rank the best bars in town? First draft / rough draft:

    1) Bruce Park Grill <–where hedge funds are born over miller high life and shuffle board
    2) Sundown Saloon <–good place to find babysitters; my kids like the tap room
    3) Louies in Cos Cob <–Polpo's little brother is actually more fun
    4) Gingerman <–reliable, predictable, good selection, it never embarresses itself.
    5) Barcelona <–it can get weird in here after 9pm…cougars.

    • CC, I had never heard the expression “Cougar” until a month ago and damn it,now I’m too old to pursue the sport of hunting them! Sounds like it would have been a good idea, though, back a decade or so ago.

  4. Cos Cobber

    How the heck have you managed to avoid that word for so long? Strange, its been around for at least a decade.