The Hartford busway boondoggle proceeds, but who cares?

Just like the train to nowhere, this one’s being built with other people’s money. Oh there’s the little matter of $100 million or so that will be extracted from Greenwich residents but who cares about them?


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4 responses to “The Hartford busway boondoggle proceeds, but who cares?

  1. Anonymous

    The government cancer continues to spread.

  2. Anonymous

    Wait until we see the final construction cost. The annual operating costs being mentioned are way to low and the estimated number of riders way to high.

  3. Anonymous

    Inflated numbers are necessary for proper pilfering – it is too hard to steal otherwise

  4. Mr. 85 Broad Street

    Can’t top the Las Vegas Monorail. Funded with $650mm in bonds. Bankruptcy judge just threw out the reorg plan because he said it wasn’t worth the $40mm in new debt the bondholders were taking back.