Just for Cos Cobber

I have to head off to get the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner (Chinese take-out, unless I get ambitious between here and Food Mart) but I’ll be back to check on today’s limited real estate activity. In the meantime, here’s a picture for Cos Cobber, just to keep him entertained:

Cos Cob garage


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5 responses to “Just for Cos Cobber

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Stories like this make me cry like a little school girl, I must admit.
    What makes you cry? Let me guess!! FSBO? Zillow? My posts?
    I was at Stew Leonards and it was a frigging mob scene. You have any idea how hard it is to shoplift a 20 pound turkey?
    You “working” today, or just rubbing your rocket and surfing Japanese school girl porn?
    Your Pal,

  2. Left Coast Yankee

    Did they buy the bus from Chowchilla?

  3. Hey Chris- Tomorrow is a federal holiday, which only means EARLY MAIL DELIVERY TODAY. Too bad we both didn’t look for government jobs as we would be enjoying our pensions and gold-plated medical benefits now.

    • SPQR, do you know why we have early mail delivery? Turns out that the postal “workers” contract allows them to leave for home as soon as their routes are completed. On other days, they’re supposed to return to the post office and sort mail and do various other odd jobs. Of course, they don’t do that, they “coop” during the day – notice them sleeping at Binney Park, for instance – and come in with the cows. Holiday eves, they can complete in 3 hours what otherwise takes them six hours. Bah, bankrupt!

  4. peeps

    Growing up, the mailman used to hide in my backyard on my roller swing. He used the hose for water whenever he wanted it. I thought of him as my pet mailman. I almost had him neutered so we wouldn’t get too many mailmen.