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Shuck ’em

It’s not $7 trillion, but I went to Chase in Old Greenwich this morning and got rid of a few euros left over from my trip to Italy in 2009. Got a lousy exchange rate – $1.25 – but I’m thinking that might look a lot better this time next Friday.


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So give them propeller beanies

Most women in the world spend twenty hours a week searching for cooking fuel. And longer walking for water. This is the “cultural revolution” Colleen from Johnson State College and her fellow occupiers wish on us. Of course, they envision that they will be among  the privileged few who’ll be in the back of the rickshaw, but things never work out that way under communism. Useful idiots don’t learn this  in school.


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So, how was your Thanksgiving?

Leaving Las Augies

Here at the Fountain household we went back to our roots and prepared a genuine Cos Cob stew. The squirrels were mainly shot from trees (Riverside School’s oaks are always a happy hunting ground) but we tossed in a plump road-killed opossum just for that extra Chimblo tang. Deelish!

Still working on a Christmas menu.


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