Uh oh, touched a nerve up there on Beacon Hill

The two "Beacon Hill Greenwich" buyers?

My comments regarding the Lotto winners Lacoff and Skidmore’s failed condo project on Sound View Drive elicited a rather zingy reply from either the builders, the listing agent or a buyer who has seen his “investment” disappear into the dust cloud generated by the empty land next door. Most of the rant is unfit for a family newspaper and so it, and its writer, have been consigned to the spam folder, but this part’s fun:

First of all…get your facts straight.. I’ve been watching Beacon Hill from the beginning and I think the developers have done a great job there. Beacon Hill has been slowly selling units and I’ve been tempted to make an offer. Stop making your miserable life problems everybody else’s and go out there and make an honest buck for once. You never have anything positive to say.  Miserable people like you is [sic] why our world is the way it is!

“Slowly” is the word; exactly two units were sold here, one by the listing agent, Katherine Clauss and the other by Christopher Finlay. No comment. Both sales, for around $3 million, occurred in 2009. There have been no sales since.

So two sales, a ton of unsold units and a second phase that has never broken ground and almost certainly won’t in my lifetime. If the pissed off reader really is “tempted to make an offer’, then now’s her chance. I’d start by offering $500,000 but her valuation may be lower.


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12 responses to “Uh oh, touched a nerve up there on Beacon Hill

  1. Anonymous

    This is hilarious! Facts are facts — they are either selling or they are not selling. For someone to argue something else is absurd. I’m glad you exist! Keep holding their feet to the fire! It’s what people deserve when they try to rip people off!

  2. pulled up in OG

    This ain’t the family newspaper! Let it rip.

  3. Utterly hysterical. Thanks for printing it here, hot off the wire.

    I am fascinated by the Beacon Hill website. Talk about puffery.
    -No mention of any real address, just Beacon Hill Greenwich, as if to say, if you don’t know where we are, you shouldn’t inquire about living here.
    -No square footage listed for any unit but let’s tell you we have private wood-paneled elevators. Gosh, who would want an elevator without wood-paneling? Glad that made that clear.
    -This line from the website is the kicker: Meditation stones with waterfalls and natural fish ponds invite relaxation into this haven.

    I’ll buy two, please.

  4. Anonymous

    Wish you would post the whole thing.
    Sure would make for fun reading!
    The operators of that Beacon Hill website ought to do something incredibly novel: LIST HE ADDRESS OF THE PROPERTY!!!

    Seriously, how dumb is that?

    Maybe they’re “slowly” getting familiar with the address.

    • If they gave the address, Anon (44 Sound View, something close to it) people could check it out on a map and discover that the project is not, as claimed, “steps from Greenwich Avenue”. Of course they’d discover that anyway upon first visiting the site but hey, that’s what salesmen are for!

  5. Anonymous

    I googled “Beacon Hill” + Greenwich and came up with a couple of listings at 50 Sound View, each was listed by Joanne Mancuso as being 4k+ sft and both priced at 2.595M.

  6. Stanwich

    Let’s be fair, they are nice units that are worth quite a bit more than $500,000. And it is very close to Greenwich Ave and the train station. It is not a horrible location, just a very busy one. If someone is considering in town living, something off Milbank would probably be a better buy.

  7. Anonymous

    looks like beautiful building, but what a lousy location and entry point. lots of traffic and dangerous during busy times. oh yeah, road noise too.

    those are really 3 mllion per? wow, that’s nutso.

  8. Cobra

    For those who love diesel cacophony, Beacon Hill’s location is primo.

  9. Anonymous

    walking anywhere from beacon hill condos would challenge an alpine hiker in good weather. try it in the rain or snow? i don’t think so.

    • Well that’s what’s so silly about their marketing, Anon – anyone who visits the site will discover that it’s perched on the steepest hill in Greenwich and that the “few steps” to Greenwich Avenue or the train will require motorized, four-wheel-drive assistance.

  10. Georgie

    FWIW is the only source that has the FACTS on what is going on in real estate and other interesting topical happenings. If this reader wants the “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” real estate reports—geez just open the local paper that is subsided basically from the sector—or visit other candy-land RE musings—perhaps, Gideon’s blog. BTW, given that this person referenced your absence it is apparent they frequently visit your blog—-fascinating how people who are so angry with you keep coming back.