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One mystery solved, now it’s back to those lottery guys

NOT Jenny?

Jennifer Nacewicz, the staunch defender of the defunct Beacon Hill condominium and fan of this blog is not, as I suggested, a former urinal swabber at the project. Thanks to an (anonymous) reader’s tip, we learn that Ms. Jennifer Nacewicz Young is married to one Ron Young, a partner former partner of Brandon Lacoff. Is it possible that Nacewicz is annoyed that she didn’t get in on those lottery winnings and is venting her spleen at you, my magnificent readers? Gosh, I hope not – she sounds like such a nice lady.


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Two beautiful houses, two ugly prices

7 Little Cove

Two of Joe Barbieri’s Old Greenwich listings had their terms extended today, 7 Little Cove Road and 55 Binney Lane. Joe’s a friend of mine and the most successful agent in Greenwich so I’m not inclined to teach him how to suck eggs, but if these prices were right the houses would have sold by now, no? Res ipsa loquitur and all that.

7 Little Cove is 2004 construction on a 1/2 acre. It sold for $6.5 million in 2005 (a million off its asking price) and was put back on the market a while ago at $7.695. It’s now asking $6.995, which is approaching reality – too bad the owners didn’t try that price originally. That said, a beautifully constructed house.

55 Binney Lane

55 Binney Lane is a tougher call. It certainly wasn’t worth the $16.8 a previous broker listed it for in 2007 but is its new price of $10.5 closer to the mark? It’s a full acre, direct waterfront and access to a shared dock. The interior is all classic 1930’s beauty. But there is a lot (a whole lot) of work to be done here, probably exceeding a million (two million?) dollars and a year or so of construction. If I had the time and the money I’d do it, secure in the conviction that my money was being poured into a property that was a pretty sure bet, but while I have the inclination I sure don’t have the money and I wonder who among the wealthy have the patience to restore this? Someone will show up, doubtless, but it may take another couple of years before he does.


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What’s the difference between a crooked tax dodge and a Sulzberger Trust?

Pinch Sulzberger: "you mean we can do that?"

Well, one is a philanthropy funded by a Republican and the other is a legitimate estate planning tool employed by the owners of the New York Times. Guess which one was slimed in a front page article in the Times last Sunday? Go ahead, guess!


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Jennifer Nacewicz of Old Greenwich doesn’t like you, either


From the lunatic fringe comes this scribble. The author works for Cablevision, a broadcaster known for its professionalism and in-depth reporting, so it’s easy to understand why this lady is so upset with us nattering nabobs of negativism.

Blogs are a disgrace to the print media forum as they do nothing but distort the truth and offer a no-talent hacks [requires singular – Ed] like Chris Fountain the ability to print whatever they like without validity [rephrase, find another word for “validity” – Ed].  It [requires plural – Blogs/it. Ed] also offers scared little men who live in Greenwich the ability to post negative comments on matters without leaving their true identity.  If there were any truth to the comments made by any of the anonymous or first name bloggers then they would not be apprehensive [suggest “leery” – Ed] about leaving their full name.   Jealousy is not an appealing trait as it makes you petty and unattractive.  Jealousy seems to be the driving force behind all of the bogus remarks as I am sure that most if not all of the commenter’s [no apostrophe – Ed] on this story are small-minded, paper-pushers who wish they had the foresight, talent and money to develop something like Beacon Hill.  While I am sure that Mr. Fountain will not post my comments since the only way he can feel superior is to control his little blog [insert comma – Ed]  it still provides me great comfort to be able to give my offer my [which is it? Ed] opinion.


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Not the oldest listing on the market, but it’s got aspirations

Way up on Upper Cross is a twenty-year-old listing and, assuming it never sells, no one will ever catch it, but this house at 216 Byram Shore Road seems determined to try. The owner listed it at $5.3 million in June, 2001 and has pulled it off and returned it ever since. Today he pulled it off again – latest asking price is $3.2 million. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this property, other than an overly aggressive opinion of value, but to describe frontage along the Byram River as “waterfront” is, while technically accurate, not really what potential buyers envision when they hear the word. I worked on that river as a strapping youth and – well, even “river” seems too generous a term. That’s a problem.

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Of course he is

Cain “reassessing” his campaign. He had the slimmest of chances of surviving the sexual harassment claims but denying a thirteen-year affair? Come on.


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Well why not? His job performance is below that hapless peanut farmer’s too

Obummer’s approval rating drops lower than Jimmy carter’s at its lowest. Probably right after the attack of the killer rabbit.

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Greenwich Time discovers the Lacoff lottery story

A day late and a dollar short.


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Hope and Change

Shhh! Hope and change are resting!

From InstaPundit:

REVOLVING DOOR:  Obama And Billy Tauzin:

Here’s a YouTube of a 33-second Barack Obama campaign commercial titled “Billy” that aired in the 2008 campaign about Billy Tauzin, a congressman who went to work for the pharmaceutical industry as a lobbyist.

Here’s a Bloomberg News article from today headlined, “Tauzin’s $11.6 Million Made Him Highest-Paid Health-Law Lobbyist.” It begins: “Billy Tauzin, the former congressman turned pharmaceutical industry lobbyist, was paid $11.6 million in 2010, the year he brokered a deal with President Barack Obama that helped pass the health-care overhaul.”

Taken together, the two are a pretty devastating combination.

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Contracts and price cuts

Three bank-owned, formerly bank owned or soon-to-be bank-owned properties are in the news today. 20 Herron View, asking $5.4 million in 2008 and $3.350 this month, has a contract. Nice house, and I won’t pour salt in the builder’s wound by pointing out that he rejected, rudely, a much higher offer a year ago. The compensation for putting up with angry, nasty sellers in this business comes much later, when I can gloat. Hee hee hee.

39 Boulder Brook, unloaded at a steep discount by Patriot Bank and once priced at $8.598 (ha ha ha) was chopped to $3.999 and now has a contract.

12 Baldwin Farms South, another Patriot Bank fiasco, was priced at $12.495 in 2007 and is now, thanks to a million dollar price cut today, asking $6.499. Still too high, in my opinion, but it’s a good start.

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More on those Lotto winners

Teri Buhl sends along this story from the Daily Mail in which Greenwich realtor Tom Gladstone is quoted as saying that the boys didn’t really win anything and that they are merely managing the loot for a Greenwichite who was the real winner.  Well maybe. The Mail also posts a picture of what it terms Gregg Skidmore’s “sprawling mansion” – the last I heard of Mr. Skidmore, he was a young, aspiring Olympic sailor trying to scrape up donations to finance his quest (by all accounts he is a great sailor, but didn’t make the team, which is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of). Maybe he got rich in the past decade, maybe it’s a picture of his father’s house, maybe it’s not ‘sprawling” or maybe the Mail got the wrong house. I don’t know the answer. Tom Gladstone, on the other hand, is a known quantity and if he says that the money belongs to someone else, I believe him.


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Why banks won’t do short sales

Because taxpayers are making them rich on foreclosures. One of the greatest frustrations in this market is, having found a buyer and willing seller, approaching a lender to make the deal and discovering that it has absolutely no interest in even talking to you because they’ll make far more money if they foreclose and become eligible to receive a federal handout. The largest beneficiary of this largess? George “you should pay more taxes” Soros.

And speaking of rich white men who pay huge sums to buy influence with Obama, the prez will be in Manhattan tomorrow, just in time for the annual gridlock occasioned by the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, to attend three separate fund-raisers – $35,000 per head. Do you remember, before he wrote off the white working class, when Obama claimed to gather his support from millions of tiny donations from the Little People? This is so much more efficient.


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The patronage game played as it ought to be played

CT Lottery Commission

Since Cos Cobber Frankie Fudrucker took over as Lottery Commissioner, every single winner has been both a Greenwich resident and a client of Fudrucker’s EBT Realty. Questioned about this amazing coinkydink,  by FWIW’s ace reporter Scuzie, the man from the wrong side of the tracks denied any wrongdoing. “I didn’t steal nuttin'” he insisted, “I just seen my opportunities and I took ’em. If that happens to make my clients lucky, so be it.”


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If a tree falls in Greenwich, will you hear my cheer?

A good start

The Wall Street Journal’s Shelly Banjo is out with an article on trees and power  outages in Greenwich. You can Google it to get around the Journal’s cash barrier, but (ahem) here’s a pithy quote that aptly sums up at least one side of the argument.

“Tree huggers like the Greenwich Conservancy can ooh and ahh over their beloved trees, but they all have generators to back up their enthusiasm…those of us without generators aren’t as happy,” says Christopher Fountain, a Greenwich real estate agent. “I’d rather read poetry by the light of my 100-watt incandescent bulb than gaze upon a lovely tree.”


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