Jennifer Nacewicz of Old Greenwich doesn’t like you, either


From the lunatic fringe comes this scribble. The author works for Cablevision, a broadcaster known for its professionalism and in-depth reporting, so it’s easy to understand why this lady is so upset with us nattering nabobs of negativism.

Blogs are a disgrace to the print media forum as they do nothing but distort the truth and offer a no-talent hacks [requires singular – Ed] like Chris Fountain the ability to print whatever they like without validity [rephrase, find another word for “validity” – Ed].  It [requires plural – Blogs/it. Ed] also offers scared little men who live in Greenwich the ability to post negative comments on matters without leaving their true identity.  If there were any truth to the comments made by any of the anonymous or first name bloggers then they would not be apprehensive [suggest “leery” – Ed] about leaving their full name.   Jealousy is not an appealing trait as it makes you petty and unattractive.  Jealousy seems to be the driving force behind all of the bogus remarks as I am sure that most if not all of the commenter’s [no apostrophe – Ed] on this story are small-minded, paper-pushers who wish they had the foresight, talent and money to develop something like Beacon Hill.  While I am sure that Mr. Fountain will not post my comments since the only way he can feel superior is to control his little blog [insert comma – Ed]  it still provides me great comfort to be able to give my offer my [which is it? Ed] opinion.


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38 responses to “Jennifer Nacewicz of Old Greenwich doesn’t like you, either

  1. Dear Mr. No Talent Hack:
    I’m confused: where did she post this drivel? It doesn’t look like a comment at FWIW since she mentioned you by a name and not “you”.

    A First Second and Third name Blogger

    • She attempted to post it under the discussion of those beacon Hill condos but I thought she deserved more prominant placement. Old Greenwich resident and an RTM member with a spotty attendance record, if that matters.

  2. Daniel

    When all media stops quoting anonymous sources, I would agree with her. But newspapers, magazines and television wont stop.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    So which post of yours got her little panties all in a bunch? And what made you conclude she doesn’t like you?
    Lets analyze what she sad, shall we?
    “Blogs are a disgrace ….. as they distort the truth”. I disagree, I think they promote open discussion, and anonymity encourages that. People may see the same issue from very different perspectives, and open, candid debate and discussion is healthy. In any forum.
    “a no-talent hacks like Chris Fountain”. I can’t argue with that. She actually let you off lightly I think.
    “most if not all of the commenter’s on this story are small-minded, paper-pushers”. I don’t think I commented on Beacon Hill. If I did, I may actually agree with her!!
    “provides me great comfort”. You want great comfort, you frigid little witch? BUY A FRIGGING DOG!! Or a vibrator.
    Who cares what Chris thinks of bricks put on dirt? To each his own. If you like it so much, just buy it. The market will determine who is right and who is wrong.
    Your Pal,

  4. Georgie

    Hey Jenny….”if there were any truth to the comments” let me finish that one for ya……the OLD MAIN PRINT MEDIA may pick up on the story. Just as GT finally did. Remember, that sticky blue dress that our former president denied existed…..until, ooops, a blogger had the courage to break the story.

  5. Stanwich

    I hate when RTM members don’t take their responsibilities seriously. I suggest a public flogging.

  6. Anonymous

    Chris she underestimates you, you are quite good at being a ‘no talent hack’ and I consider it an honor to have known you all these years. Although I will deny it in public!!

  7. Anonymous

    We have happily cancelled our cable TV subscription.

    Can you have that stupid nasty bitch Jennifer Nacewicz pick up the Cablevision box?

  8. Anonymous

    My guess is Jenny is a typical liberal who looks to destroy and belittle anyone who does not share her political views. Therefore she rants and raves about your intelligence, etc.

  9. pulled up in OG

    No threat to Santorum yet, but #2 on the Google hit parade.

  10. Hmmm...

    Isn’t the author married to Ron Young who was partners with Lacoff on Beacon Hill? Do they still work together?

  11. So Jennifer is likely Brandon Lacoff’s girlfriend or old lover right ?

  12. Cobra

    Jennifer Nacewicz = Maxine Waters?

  13. Anonymous

    Eh, she probably didn’t like Babba Booey either.

  14. Anonymous

    So, what’s her connection to Beacon Hill? 😆

  15. dogwalker

    Am I missing something? What’s amazing is that she seems to take this blog seriously.

    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

  16. apprehensive about leaving my full name

    Nacewicz’s comment is filled with lies. For example, I DON’T “wish (I) had the foresight, talent and money to develop something like Beacon Hill.” That is far from the truth. It takes greed, stupidity and lack of both foresight and talent to develop something as ridiculouos as Beacon Hill. Why do you think it’s just sitting there unsold?

  17. George W. Crossman III

    I believe leaving full name is a good idea.

  18. Cat Meyer

    She’s right. I am not familiar with Beacon Hill but everyone writing on this blog, especially anonymous who leave nasty remarks are the worst kind of “little scared men” out there…..grow some balls….or at least ask your wives to borrow them from time to time.

  19. Whassup

    You know what – that’s an excellent idea!
    We should all use full names – just not our own!

  20. Stanwich

    I forgot to mention that I had already down-graded my cablevision service today…..what a coincidence.

  21. Cat Meyer

    Does not seem like she would leave anything anonymous…just my opinion.
    Anyway, seems like your readers/bloggers should step back with the nast comments unless they are going to leave their name so she can confront them…..again…scared I guess. Let’s move on…

  22. burningmadolf

    In the early days of internet comments I used my name and through commenting, my town was easily deduced. Through a very quick GIS search someone knew my address and in disagreeing with me threatened to come to my house. Not too worried about me, but it’s not fair to the missus if she runs into the nut first. Very stupid to leave real names with all the crazies in the world.

  23. Anonymous

    Something tells me Cat Meyer is a registered Democrat, not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    Somebody who has never posted to FWIW before today has barged in and demanded full accountability from every commenter on the blog or else! Odd timing to my way of thinking for a newcomer to show up and demand that certain changes be made to the blog host’s policies. Unless, of course, Cat and Jen have been here all along posting under various pseudonyms or “anonymii”.

    @Whassup. I can’t decide whether to take Maxine Waters, Catty Meyer, or Jennifer N. Young as my nom de plume. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

  24. Greenwich Gal

    CF – I happen to LOVE the way you just eviscerated her grammer and stylistic errors! Hilarious!
    And by the way, Walt – I want to compliment you on your much improved spelling and punctuation these days! You are doing a much better job editing your posts than when you first started writing. Nary a mistake!

  25. Sound Beacher

    This whole lottery hometown connection came along just in time, to welcome you back, and keep you very busy and to take your mind off your Mom,too. (who I pray is doing better) Keep the spot light shining on this one, you’ve not gotten to the bottom of it yet, and it’s very interesting.

  26. Walt

    Dude –
    You may be actually getting some of your old Mojo back. You actually posted some content on topics that were worthy of discussion!! Good job, my friend. You get an enema while vistitng Mom? And I hope she is well, BTW.
    GG – Thanks! I figured I had no choice. This is Greenwich, so I am well aware that form matters a lot more than substance. Appearance over content and message. Hiram taught me that early on!! That proof and post moron. He wrote absolute painful to read garbage, but he punctuated well. Yeah, that’s the ticket to succeed in this town. All show no form.
    I am a pouncer, not a lurker. So I tend to just write what pop’s into my head, and not proof it and just post. But I am working on it!!
    Your Pal,

  27. Anonymous

    What’s odd is that I went back searching through your archives using both “Beacon Hill” and “Sound View” to find the articles and comments about this project and nobody ever threw a fit such as those which have blown up in the last two days.

    You’ve always commented favorably on the build quality but questioned the timing (not their fault finishing up in 2008-9) and the location of the project. I think this is just bizarre to have two different people show up and start slinging insults and stomping their feet in the last 48 hours when you’ve written extensively about the project dating back to 2008.

    There has to be more to this dustup than just an unsold condominium project…weird.

  28. CosHarbour

    Great to see ya back.
    So much new material!
    I am laughing way too much!
    Hope you went out exercising or boating during the past few days.
    That’s the only way to go, gotta have
    a bateau, be it a your kayaks, a vintage
    Chris Craft or a custom Hinkley sailboat.
    Sometimes you get the maple candy
    in the box of chocolates. Worse than cocoanut.
    Great that you are back…
    You and your friends.
    Make me laugh and cry.

    Hunter. A Hinkley?

  29. peeps

    This is related to the anonymous bloggers issue – The Journal News is changing their policy in a few days. They will now make your blogging name be your real name and you have to attach it to your Facebook account. No FB account, not blogging rights. Some of the nastier bloggers are laughing because they said they can just get a new free Hotmail-type account, make up a name for it, then make up a fake name for the FB account, and then connect to the Journal new’s blogging site, which is

    • Not here, Peeps. I agree with those readers who don’t want their real names floating around the Internet. The crap that comes over my transom is bad enough – why should readers be exposed to the same crazies?