Of course he is

Cain “reassessing” his campaign. He had the slimmest of chances of surviving the sexual harassment claims but denying a thirteen-year affair? Come on.


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2 responses to “Of course he is

  1. These stories are so sad. Cain seemed like a fine upstanding regular guy who worked hard to climb the ladder of success, happily married and all. I was never a supporter of his campaign or his politics, but I wouldn’t have expected any philandering on his part. Guess what they say is true: you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

    Twice today I heard rumors of Christie thinking of coming back in. I think he’s sorry he endorsed Rummy, who in my mind, has no chance of beating Obama. Add that Christie had some great camera time yesterday in his “What The Hell; Are We Paying You For” question to Obama and I say, Run Christie Run.

  2. I think people are more sophisticated than you give them credit for, and are willing to defer judgment about whether these are serious allegations or tedious mud-slinging.