One mystery solved, now it’s back to those lottery guys

NOT Jenny?

Jennifer Nacewicz, the staunch defender of the defunct Beacon Hill condominium and fan of this blog is not, as I suggested, a former urinal swabber at the project. Thanks to an (anonymous) reader’s tip, we learn that Ms. Jennifer Nacewicz Young is married to one Ron Young, a partner former partner of Brandon Lacoff. Is it possible that Nacewicz is annoyed that she didn’t get in on those lottery winnings and is venting her spleen at you, my magnificent readers? Gosh, I hope not – she sounds like such a nice lady.


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24 responses to “One mystery solved, now it’s back to those lottery guys

  1. Anonymous

    she’s just pissed she got passed over for the real wives of wall street. her husband wasn’t liquid enough. bet that home life is fun.

  2. Just the Facts!

    Ron Young is a former partner with Lacoff at BelRay Capital (BEL=Brendan E. Lacoff and RAY=Ronnie A. Young). Hence the new “Bel” Pointe investment management firm. They split over irreconcilable real estate differences….i.e. possibly massive losses at Beacon Hill and other investments. JTF

  3. Cat Meyer

    I do not know anything about Beacon Hill but she is right about people not leaving their names…cowards…..does not promote open dialogue, it gives people who are too scared to speak out and get confronted the option to say whatever they want without retribution…..put your name people…what are you afraid of….good for her!

    • It’s liberty hall around here, Cat. Folks can leave their name or not, as they see fit. Most do leave their email address, which I don’t print, but I believe that’s optional too.

  4. dogwalker

    Oh, goodness. There are many reasons people post anonymously. In my case, I do not want to jeopardize the dog’s prominent place in the community.

  5. I’m going with Lacoff has been squirming in his seat and screaming at this screens since yesterday when he realized FWIW and it’s readers would likely figure out how many bodies are burried in his RE deals.

    So glad you’re back Chris.

  6. anon

    Mrs. Nacewicz Young, while standing on a journalistic soap box, did not feel compelled by her own high standards to disclose her intimate relationship with those she was speaking for. I don’t much like her employer Cablevision, but I guess I am stuck with the way they choose to run things, honey.

  7. burningmadolf

    Why stop at name? Do the address and phone too so internet weirdos can call you to confirm it’s really you.

  8. Cobra

    On the two or three occasions I met him several years ago, Ron Young seemed to be an OK guy. Back in the early ’00’s, I believe he was a partner in the “My Favorite Place” restaurant in Cos Cob and may still be. By the mid-’00’s, he was well known among area car collectors/dealers for spending ridiculously inflated amounts of money on vintage muscle cars…considerably more than they were worth at time of purchase and certainly way underwater now if he still owns them.

  9. Anonymous

    Fountain’s blog has become the wikileaks of Greenwich hullabaloo.

    Anonymity is critical.

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    You fancy yourself a “scholar of literature”. Right? I know, that cracks me up too!!
    But it has long been an accepted practice to publish under a num da plum… under uh a nam de plam… Anonymously!! Correct? Ann Rice did it. So did Mark Twain. Stephen King. The list goes on and on.
    On the flip side, you know how many books are written by ghost writers? A lot. I know. I published some real crap using other people’s names. “The Fear of Flying”? Erika Jong couldn’t spell her name. I am not sure I can either!! That book sucked!
    The Happy Hooker? You read that drivel? Xaviera Hollander – she could barely write her phone number on a cocktail napkin for Pete’s Sake. And after I wrote it, she didn’t have the cash to pay me, so I had to agree to a barter deal and get paid back in trade.
    And even if people did use real names, you probably won’t know them anyway, and the only way to respond would be to post a reply on this blog. So what difference does it make?
    Do you doubt I would tell you that you are a load to your face? You load.
    Your Pal,

  11. Soc Rebboc

    Ok, fine. Cos Cobber is really Soc Rebboc and while I’m at it its time for me to tell you that I really live in Chickahominy as I can’t yet afford the lofty granduer of Cos Cob. Someday though I hope to exchange my pent up Cos Cob jealousy for a real slice of golden Cos Cob pie. Someday CF! And I might even let you have a piece of the commission in the process.

  12. Cos Cobber

    damn it, I meant ‘grandeur.’

    Cos Cob doesn’t have an entry exam with spelling test; does it?

  13. Libertarian Advocate

    Walt: Yer frickin priceless! Lets have a beer or ten tomorrow eve 6:00 PM, The Ginger Man. Le’mee know here in a response to this comment by 4:00 PM. I’d invite you too Chis, but I know your a boring teetotaler.

  14. Sebastian

    That photo is your appropiate revenge towards Jenny.

  15. swadsi

    I find the whole Jennifer Young diatribe the funniest thing since the return of CF. Greenwich is a small town. Most people learn that when they’re a heck of a lot younger than she is. Not that 40 is over the hill…
    As for posting with real names, forget it. We frequent readers recognize pen names. That’s good enough for me.

  16. Guess Who?

    Y’all here are just pea-green with envy.

    Well nyah, nyah nyah! I’m laughing at you poor slobs all the way to my bank.

  17. Legasea

    Ron and Brandon are both good guys. They were friends of mine in high school and I have enjoyed keeping tabs on all of their ventures . I find it both humorous and pathetic how so many of you people want to pick them apart over their few failed ventures. They are hard working guys and continue to grow in this town. Cut the guys a break/.

  18. It was his idea

    And there’s this item, too- For those who hung on every single Farricker word for 30 ( Count em) days last October……. Where the heck was this man a month ago? The guy in this interview is fun, enthusiastic and obviously very happy in his work. He sparkles for heaven sake.

  19. greenmtnpunter

    The lottery winners may recall that Whitey Bulger cut himself in, i.e. threatened bodily harm, to a big MA lottery winner unless he received a piece of the action. It worked. Always best to keep your mouth shut when a windfall comes your way. If not a Whitey Bulger looking for a cut then it will be a pestering rel looking for a handout.

  20. Just the Facts!

    Legasea, You need to do a little more homework on your buddies. It’s not only about their failed ventures…it’s how they play the game. This town has a long history of excommunicating bullies. Your friends included. Questionable business dealings and stories have swirled for years about the Young’s and Lacoff’s. Point in fact, they “win” the lottery and they can’t just accept the money and run. There is always some angle or murkiness to all their transactions. Wake up! JTF

  21. Cos Cobber

    Greenmtnpunter, I thought of that one too. The winner could be someone on the periphery of the mob who would have to share should the mob find out. Could also be someone under indictment or who knows, there are a host of other situations in which a winner would want to lay low (divorce proceeding, high ranking government official, illegal alien, someone involved in high stakes litigation). Its fun to speculate.

  22. Timothy Price

    Wow – they won the lottery big deal – they thought about what to do it with it and set up trust – so what. I mean whats next, past federal drug charges on a family member of one of the winners?

    oh crap…