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I wonder if Peggy Joseph got comped for this wing ding?

Obummer’s in New York with his rich friends but where’s Peggy?


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But do they live on Round Hill Road?

Greenwich Marketing Associates owner Peter Pfabe and his squeeze Heidi Walker  indicted for fraud, spent the loot on a horse farm and vibrators.

UPDATE: Oh my heavens, what a small world. Heidi, Peter and I have communicated in the past concerning Heidi’s unsellable bungalow on Lake Ave. Sounds like Heidi and Jenny should get together.

Dear Christopher,

I was recently forwarded a copy of your description of my house at 69 Lake Avenue in Greenwich, CT.

You are factually incorrect on many points and I demand that you remove all reference of my property on your website. You are falsely communicating information to the public and misleading them. Additionally, you have personally hurt me with your false information and total misrepresentation.

Please let me know when you have removed the item. Also, you falsely posted a comment from my husband. [what the fuck does this mean? Ed] This action is considered unlawful in the State of Connecticut.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Thank you

UPDATE: Uh oh, it seems that Heid’s ex, Peter Pfabe, was also involved in FundAmerica a -gasp! – pyramid scam.


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Hurricane season ends, Owlgore refuted again

Remember “Global Warming”? When that scare story collapsed the eco-terrorists switched to “Climate Change” and redefined the phenomenon to include any patch of weather that wasn’t blue skies and sunny days. But we still had the hurricanes, those dreaded storms that, stirred up by climate change, were going to ravage our coasts.

We haven’t had a major storm in the six years since Gore won his Oscar on the subject and this year’s season was yet another bust. This will, of course, do nothing to persuade the OWS crowd to reexamine the pabulum they so expensively purchased in college, but the despised white lower class might pause before voluntarily destroying the economy. Maybe.


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How slow is the market?

This slow. Four sales reported, seven price reductions. The sales were not impressive: $717,000, $605,000, $525,000 (land sale, asking price was $849,000) and $401,000.


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Buyer/seller disconnect

A house at 11 Brown House Road in Old Greenwich sold for $1.665 million in July, 2009. It’s back on today – no improvements mentioned – for $2.050 million.  Hmm. Sellers seem to think prices have improved since 2009 while buyers think prices are down and going lower. This all makes it difficult for agents to effect a sale.


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The Lacoff Three go to the mattresses

Can't help you now, Father, I've got appointments in Syracuse and Greenwich

They’ve hired PR guru Howard Rubenstein, I hear from a very reliable source. Hiding something or just using the Powerball story to boost their business? Damned if I know.


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Mad Woman

Ain't she cute when she's angry?

Camiellie Meyer catmeyermeyer@aol.com
11:19 AM (9 minutes ago)
to me
You must have a very small dick, I post reply’s [sic] to your site and you do not put them up….little dick has to exert some sort of control cause he was a fucking ugly little boy and now a little dick ugly man who never had friends and could never get a girl until you found your uglier wife.  Your blog is the only way you can feel superior.  Way to go, seems like th 5 other people just like you are the only ones following your blog….you’ve really made something of yourself when you can sit there hiding behind your computer saying things you think you have knowledge about but really have no clue…remember when you were a teenage contemplating suicide cause you were ugly and had no friends, well you should have pulled the trigger…the world would have one less asshole in it….you really promote open dialogue but only with what you want to say.


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Blog etiquette lesson

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out

“Next to chastity, the greatest virtue in a woman is to leave, when she puts on her hat and says goodbye.” Samuel Johnson, 1776 (or so)

We’ve had a number of hysterical female writers recently who, after dumping on this blog’s author and the rest of you commentators, sign off with a flourish, promising never to come back again. But they do, repeatedly.  I suspect it’s just one reader using different ip addresses but regardless, I’m taking people like “Cat Meyer” at her word and assigning her rants “spam’ status, thereby assuring that her twitching, compulsive fingers will never again send another communication that she really doesn’t want to send.


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Genius pricing

15 Peters Road, a bungalow in Riverside conveniently located next to the Thruway, was purchased at the height of the market in 2007 for $1.125 million and put back up for sale in April 2010 at $1.440. Five price cuts later, it was pulled from the market this fall, unsold despite its lowered price of $1.295. Today it’s back and asking its highest price ever, $1.450 million. The agent and the owner have obviously espied a resurgence in prices for old homes that the rest of us missed. This is what distinguishes top realtors from old no-nothings like me. I tip my hat.

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Shocking news

Except that this is just a continuation of crony capitalism: U.S. taxpayers will bail out European banks. That’s not out of any love for the Frogs, I suspect, but because the U.S. Banks and their friends in government face some very large losses if Euro banks fail. These folks should enjoy their wealth and power while they can because when a Putin arrives, they will be removed and Putin’s friends put in place.


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Terrorist now admits he held fund raiser for Obummer

We’ve known it for years but the main stream media dismissed it as the rantings of the crazed Right: Bill Ayers confesses.

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Useful Idiots


Upper East Side soiree

The worst president in U.S. history arrives in NYC today at the height of rush hour and just in time to paralyze the city during the tree lighting ceremony. The FDR will be shut down, subways jammed, streets clogged, but this sort of arrogance comes naturally to our former teaching assistant so no surprise here.

I’m not even startled to learn that he’s here to visit with the  1%, collecting tribute at $35,000 per head to fund his campaign of class warfare. Just like Willie (Sutton, not Clinton although, come to think of it …) the man’s going where the money is.

But what gives with the 1% themselves? Some of them aren’t as stupid as their children down occupying Wall Street yet they’re still willing to give the hangman his rope. Why? I assume that the world they envision is one where they, the New York liberal elite, will govern the new world and dominate the unwashed 99%. Tell that to former supporters of Stalin.

“But this time will be different” is the Upper East Side’s mantra, thus confirming that old chestnut that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Uh huh. There’s another old saying that these dunderheads might consider: if you’re sitting at the poker table and can’t figure out who the chump is, it’s you. Dig it absolutely.


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Yup, they’re really that stupid

San Francisco voters force parents to buy toys with that Happy Meal, enriching McDonalds.


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Murky waters in Greenwich

I've got a secret

The Lacoff  Three are out with a new statement and deny that there’s any “mystery man” behind the lottery loot.  “These gentlemen pooled their funds and just barely managed to come up with that dollar,” Lacoff spokesman Jennifer Nckwzzyjk told FWIW’s Scuzie. “Vicious, anonymous bloggers are shitting on the boys’ heads on this and I find it disgusting and plain ol’ mean. Fuck them”.

So here’s the problem: we have two mutually contradictory stories. The Lacoff Three say they bought and own the ticket while their “close friend” Tom Gladstone says they didn’t and that they told him they didn’t. Someone is lying, but who?

I don’t know Lacoff and his co-conspirators but those who do seem to vouch for them. But I do know Gladstone and find it hard to believe he’s a liar (or worse than any other real estate agent), nor  can I figure out why he’d have reason or motivation to lie. Hmm.

This could be like that old problem posed by the Marks brothers when they ran their Greenwich Avenue stationery store: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

What’s amusing about all this is that, although the supposed winners wanted to keep a low profile they are now the subject of world-wide attention. Some newsy (and they’re out there – I dodged calls from BBC, CNN and the WSJ and Fudrucker turned down an offer to appear on the Today Show this morning) will dig out the truth of the matter. Stay tuned.


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