Mad Woman

Ain't she cute when she's angry?

Camiellie Meyer
11:19 AM (9 minutes ago)
to me
You must have a very small dick, I post reply’s [sic] to your site and you do not put them up….little dick has to exert some sort of control cause he was a fucking ugly little boy and now a little dick ugly man who never had friends and could never get a girl until you found your uglier wife.  Your blog is the only way you can feel superior.  Way to go, seems like th 5 other people just like you are the only ones following your blog….you’ve really made something of yourself when you can sit there hiding behind your computer saying things you think you have knowledge about but really have no clue…remember when you were a teenage contemplating suicide cause you were ugly and had no friends, well you should have pulled the trigger…the world would have one less asshole in it….you really promote open dialogue but only with what you want to say.


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45 responses to “Mad Woman

  1. Anonymous

    was she eating bon bons and crying while she wrote that?

  2. Anonymous

    Um, I don’t know a thing about this woman, but it seems that more she writes, the more she comes across as crass, strident and foul-mouthed. I am not at all interested in the underlying reasons for her missives, nor do I even care.

  3. anon

    so you KNOW this woman???? she refers to your childhood as if she were part of it. this is some sick stuff she’s writing. sick.

  4. not so anonymouse

    Wow, she immolated herself!

  5. Anonymous

    You know what you have to do. You have to post a picture of your dick.

  6. Casual Bystander

    I must be follower number 6. This blog never falls short of being very informative and extremely entertaining!

  7. Georgie

    Yikes…hell hath a fury like a woman scorned. The worst you could do is ignore her….:-)

  8. Anonymous

    … talk about unresolved tensions from a previous life… yikes !

  9. Brit

    * meant more fun!

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah, if I knew my email was going to be published, and I was this woman, I’d probably stop writing emails. Why? Because, despite the underlying issues, she’s coming across horribly.

  11. Anonymous

    I will bet that this lady was mildly attractive at one point in her life (her 20’s…same as the rest of the population). But now………………her looks have faded. No one is looking at her anymore and she never developed her brain so nobody gives a toot about what she thinks or says. Thus, she is angry……………which is why she is not getting “any” at home or from the tennis pro. Normally, she appeases the anger by buying lots of bags and shoes but the recession has put a crimp in her old spending habits (i.e. her husband told her to chill the “f’ out). Her only outlet is to blast out at people that are enjoying their life. Sucks to be her!


    Hysterical, i love this blog, love it

  13. anon

    Probably Nacewizc. Not google-able.

  14. Cos Cobber

    Telling someone to commit suicide is about as low as it gets.

    And its strange that we dont even understand her connection to the lottery winners either.

  15. Whassup

    1. “She” obviously knows you quite well from the physical description given – you know – ugly, tiny d**k, etc; and
    2. “She” obviously has a financial interest in the Beacon Hill debacle.

    That should make it easy to figure out….

    Also interesting is that the mailing address for some units (held by LLCs) in Beacon Hill is 881 **** Ave., whose ownership changed from the spouse of one of the sponsors to a trust set up by a local RE attorney….layers upon layers upon layers…..

  16. Georgie

    OMG Anonymous—that’s almost as funny as one of Walt’s ol’ posts.

  17. Anonymous

    “That is one Crazy Hospital”—-(Bill Murray in Toottsie)

  18. hemp4367

    Wow! I’m a fairly liberal Democrat and sometimes you can irk me but, my God, lady, JUST STOP READING THE BLOG! It’s making you nuts!

  19. Cos Cobber

    CF, If I wanted to tour Beacon Hill, would you be up for taking me? Maybe it should be a group outing.

  20. Anonymous

    is it possible to post an actual image or animated gif in this blog? how does one do that?

  21. Al Dente

    Were I to un-harness my man tool and present it to this wench on a platter with macaroni, she would no doubt flee in fear, the Godless whore.

    Happy Holidays!

  22. Anonymous

    I’m sure she has undersized fun bags.

  23. Walt

    Helen Keller –
    You really must be blind. This bat shit crazy lady has a crush on you, and obviously wants to bang your brains out – and not with a baseball bat.
    She is using reverse psychology on you!! You moron. She is telling you that you are short in your shorts so you will show her your trouser snake!! It is totally obvious.
    So go for it. If she is as bat shit crazy in the sack, as she sounds via e-mail, it may be the time of your life!!
    Your Pal,
    PS – under the REMOTE possibility that I am wrong, you may want to start packing heat. If you really are pants pencil deprived, put it down the front of your shorts.

  24. Marc

    I would suggest you spell her name very clearly and completely in many posts. You might also give a heads-up to Instapundit (or his wife) (or, failblog, or drudge) on proper holiday netiquette with this as a “bad” example. Played well, this would be a permanent albatross for your charming correspondent.

  25. dogwalker

    Hummm. I thought all the regular followers were CF with different user names. But, seriously, I really do wonder about Walt.

  26. Out Looking In

    I think you had sex with her before- but just don’t remember (perhaps a bit too much booze?) She sure knows a lot about your dick, Chris…

    • Of all my sins, casual sex was never one of them (well, there was one night, back when I was 17, but, while that was enough to convince me that being intimate with strangers was unpleasant, I don’t think the girl would be haunting me now.I hope not anyway, as I don’t even remember her name). As for my anatomy, I think it was just a lucky guess.

  27. Anonymous

    tell this wack-job the ClustrMaps facts don’t lie – there are a lot more than 5 visitors to this blog

  28. Stanwich

    Holy Moses this blog has gone off the deep end. You realize all this is because some guys pretended to win the lottery. What a twisted story.

  29. Cos Cobber

    CF, it would be a hoot, but bat shit crazy lady would surely arrange for our demise while touring unit 3.

  30. Anonymous

    He doesn’t have a little dick. I’ve seen it. And, it’s really really pretty. Also, he used to have the most beautiful wavy golden hair.

  31. I hope you keep this duel going, Chris! Great fun.

  32. peeps

    And it smells so nice. ❤

  33. Anonymous

    Holy cow, bring on the crazy! I fear for the poor blameless bunnies* who will inevitably feature in the next act. 😦

    *Fatal attraction reference.

  34. I have got to stop painting the house cuz I’m missing all the fun. Oh, for the days (which ended two weeks ago) when my husband and I were unemployed and I had nothing to do all day but read this blog.

  35. Anonymous

    Love it! you are back in the game. WTF? all these panties in a twist whiners are not forced to read your blog. you must be sitting back with that chesire cat grin. Kat, Cat, Camillie, Jenny, you misquoted my hubby 10 months ago lady on the rotary, who’s on first? Lots of fodder for CF. And that’s a really low blow to pick on someone’s anatomy which FWIW is most likely, just intuiting, NOT small.

  36. The kid from Greenwich (or Riverside)

    Brevity,,, the soul of wit… All I can say is Wow!!! I mean WOW! Really?
    Talk about shining a light on the problem- not you C.F.

    ( did I say too much?)