Blog etiquette lesson

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out

“Next to chastity, the greatest virtue in a woman is to leave, when she puts on her hat and says goodbye.” Samuel Johnson, 1776 (or so)

We’ve had a number of hysterical female writers recently who, after dumping on this blog’s author and the rest of you commentators, sign off with a flourish, promising never to come back again. But they do, repeatedly.  I suspect it’s just one reader using different ip addresses but regardless, I’m taking people like “Cat Meyer” at her word and assigning her rants “spam’ status, thereby assuring that her twitching, compulsive fingers will never again send another communication that she really doesn’t want to send.


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4 responses to “Blog etiquette lesson

  1. George W. Crossman III

    That’s too bad. Rantings are sometimes entertaining. Kind of like going to the car races to see them crash.

  2. You male chauvinist sexist pig you*. Men can get hysterical too. Look how DollarBill gets his boxers in a bunch. And Fudrucker, when he’s on his Liberal Platform. Awful. Even Inagua talks like he’s hormonal sometimes. (Sorry, Inagua, I do love you, really I do).

    So let’s be an equal opportunity spam thrower-outer.

    *The opinions set forth here by blogger EOSr are her own and do not represent those of her husband! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Chris is nice to let women post comments on his blog. We care as much about their opinions here (rolling my eyes) as we do at home!

  4. armonk

    Only women can be hysterical? Why is that? Oh, yes, I forgot…