But do they live on Round Hill Road?

Greenwich Marketing Associates owner Peter Pfabe and his squeeze Heidi Walker  indicted for fraud, spent the loot on a horse farm and vibrators.

UPDATE: Oh my heavens, what a small world. Heidi, Peter and I have communicated in the past concerning Heidi’s unsellable bungalow on Lake Ave. Sounds like Heidi and Jenny should get together.

Dear Christopher,

I was recently forwarded a copy of your description of my house at 69 Lake Avenue in Greenwich, CT.

You are factually incorrect on many points and I demand that you remove all reference of my property on your website. You are falsely communicating information to the public and misleading them. Additionally, you have personally hurt me with your false information and total misrepresentation.

Please let me know when you have removed the item. Also, you falsely posted a comment from my husband. [what the fuck does this mean? Ed] This action is considered unlawful in the State of Connecticut.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Thank you

UPDATE: Uh oh, it seems that Heid’s ex, Peter Pfabe, was also involved in FundAmerica a -gasp! – pyramid scam.


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6 responses to “But do they live on Round Hill Road?

  1. pulled up in OG

    So much fun tucked away in that spam folder.
    Let it rip, we can handle the truth. : )

  2. Good Coverage Chris . Q is did $DB turn her over to the FBI or did the DOJ figure this out on their own.

  3. Better lawyer up Chris. Your action is considered unlawful in Connecticut.

    I’m pretty sure you’d be okay here in NY. We could probably get you asylum. Just don’t discuss politics with anyone before the hearing.

  4. Out Looking In

    Call it like it is, Chris…Lovely, glamorous seasonal views of Greenwich Hospital and parking lot. Well within earshot of all sirens at all hours of the night. Current owners known to have been engaged in doing God’s work (just like Blankfiend and the giant squid Goldman Sachs)….

  5. GWChase

    Why do horses need vibrators?

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Is this the same Heidi Walker? http://twitter.com/HotWet ?