Murky waters in Greenwich

I've got a secret

The Lacoff  Three are out with a new statement and deny that there’s any “mystery man” behind the lottery loot.  “These gentlemen pooled their funds and just barely managed to come up with that dollar,” Lacoff spokesman Jennifer Nckwzzyjk told FWIW’s Scuzie. “Vicious, anonymous bloggers are shitting on the boys’ heads on this and I find it disgusting and plain ol’ mean. Fuck them”.

So here’s the problem: we have two mutually contradictory stories. The Lacoff Three say they bought and own the ticket while their “close friend” Tom Gladstone says they didn’t and that they told him they didn’t. Someone is lying, but who?

I don’t know Lacoff and his co-conspirators but those who do seem to vouch for them. But I do know Gladstone and find it hard to believe he’s a liar (or worse than any other real estate agent), nor  can I figure out why he’d have reason or motivation to lie. Hmm.

This could be like that old problem posed by the Marks brothers when they ran their Greenwich Avenue stationery store: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

What’s amusing about all this is that, although the supposed winners wanted to keep a low profile they are now the subject of world-wide attention. Some newsy (and they’re out there – I dodged calls from BBC, CNN and the WSJ and Fudrucker turned down an offer to appear on the Today Show this morning) will dig out the truth of the matter. Stay tuned.


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22 responses to “Murky waters in Greenwich

  1. greenmtnpunter

    CF- Is Tom Gladstone son of Ted? I met Ted a number of years ago in connection with an industrial real estate project in this neck of the woods. As I recall, Ted was/is from Greenwich?

  2. cos cobber

    I do find it odd that gladstone was so willing to share his information with the media. I bet he regrets opening his trap. Let’s see if he issues a statement today in which he declares he misheard lacoff and that he’s now a trustee or consultant for the lottery trust fund.

    Ps – hope your mom is feeling better.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    So did you see these guys announced the list of “charities” they were going to contribute to? They figured it would counter some of the bad press they have been getting. Get a load of this:
    The Francis Farricker School for Teenaged Nympho’s
    The Farricker School of English Literature
    The Farricker Institute for Overcoming Arrested Personality Development
    And Francis turned down the Today Show? I would have paid money to see him banter it up with Al Roker. Even better – do they still have that little weather monkey? Remember him!! Francis doing an interview with the monkey on his lap!! It would have been a classic I tell ya.
    Anyhows, I am telling you Dude. Something doesn’t feel right here. As you know, Old Uncle Walt has a sixth sense when it comes to any shenanigans going on. And this one stinks.
    Your Pal,

  4. Stanwich

    This story is really amusing. Such a weird coincidence that Fudrucker and you have been pulled into this fiasco.

  5. Georgie

    Geez, Greenwich needs to get our Chamber of Commerce publicist to put some new Greenwich faces out there…..we are truly stacking high with the number of crooks that are “international” stars…in fact, dare I say, our Town is THE poster child for Occupy Wall Street….Dicky Fuld ex Lehman, Walty Noel..that fat Raj Rajemman person, and Skowron the Front Point fellow… can’t keep up with the number of Greenwich crooks.

  6. Anonymous

    Why should anyone care about this…? They’re from Greenwich and got lucky…That’s news???

  7. Cos Cobber

    Sorry, you just cant win $254MM quietly anymore….not with so many odd facts surrounding the story.

  8. I’m with Chris – the Belpointe Boys story still doesn’t add up and I believe Lancoff said what Gladstone stated. So the question is why is Lancoff lying – either to the Lotto Commission or to Gladstone?

  9. Georgie

    Anonymous, c’mon. Who but Greenwich folk wait a month to claim the winnings, create a trust, have 3 guys show up but ONLY their lawyers speak, and then some so-called friend says its all a front. Do you picture this happening in Lake Wobegon?

  10. Anonymous

    i smell a rat! this story is not going away!

  11. Sound Beacher

    Georgie, you left off the crooks list: Bourke, Dent, Madoff, Brant, don’t forget Trump used to live here when he was declaring bancruptcy. Oh, that’s just off the top of my head, CF, you can name many, many more I’m sure. There is porbably a book in all this. Get with Walt he’ll work up an outline.
    PS: Did you hear Greenwich High school sent the kids home at 9:30am, they lost power, as did 45% of town and some of Stamford. It’s been off and back on over 4x’s down here.

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  13. Luke Gardner

    If its the commercial R.E. broker Tom Gladstone I know and love, then “Ted” may be a cousin, but not his brother or his father.

  14. ThePhoenix

    Teri – why reasons do you have to believe Gladstone? Because he gave an interview to a London Tabloid? Why didnt he give the interview in the US. How much compensation did he receive from the Daily Mail?

    I believe that the group that buys the tickets are really 4 people. and every time the jackpot gets greater than 200 million they each pitch in a quarter. This time however, one didnt participate and lost out. Jealousy rose, allegations were made.

    This is easy – it writes itself

  15. ThePhoenix

    “I’m with Chris – the Belpointe Boys story still doesn’t add up and I believe Lancoff said what Gladstone stated. So the question is why is Lancoff lying – either to the Lotto Commission or to Gladstone?”

    Ive always thought this was the right move. Protect as much as you can, and piss off any leeches.

  16. ThePhoenix

    ^^What a crappy cut and paste – Teri your eyes distracted me

    The above message shouldve been for Georgie @ 11:52am

  17. Anonymous

    A tiny scandal (by G’wich standards), Fed fraud charges were brought against the horse loving owners of that Lake Ave. renno shortly after they pitched their own fit here at FWIW. I don’t know the current disposition of the case since I don’t have a PACER account.

    The case, according to the Reuters report is: U.S. vs Walker et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 10-cr-00977

    • It’s pretty funny, Anon that, starting at the bottom of Sound View and continuing up the hill and Field Point Road, you have Walter Noel, Beacon Hill, Chip Skowron and the Antares Boyz, all within just a few hundred yards. And no doubt there are more, many more. Then there’s Round Hill Road.

  18. Anonymous

    Please stay on this story- it makes no sense that 3 people bought a $1.00 ticket! I know times are tough for these guyes but wouldn’t you think they each would have been able to pony up a buck and pay $3.00 for the ticket?!

  19. Anonymous

    Thank you for not posting my previous taunt about the degenerate behavior of one of these conspirators. I found out afterwards that he has indeed been in and out of rehab, so making fun of his problem was innappopoate. I was merely trying to draw attention to what I always saw as a playboy lifestyle, not a dangerous dependency.