Shocking news

Except that this is just a continuation of crony capitalism: U.S. taxpayers will bail out European banks. That’s not out of any love for the Frogs, I suspect, but because the U.S. Banks and their friends in government face some very large losses if Euro banks fail. These folks should enjoy their wealth and power while they can because when a Putin arrives, they will be removed and Putin’s friends put in place.


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5 responses to “Shocking news

  1. Anonymous

    Dow up over 430 points!

  2. Padano

    A cut in interest rates doesn’t have anything to do with taxes.
    You should stop your anti European agenda.
    As a European I do not like your ignorance, perhaps the Lady was right.

  3. Padano

    Childish and pathetic.
    What about anger management

  4. shoeless


    The Fed is the only entity that can print the dollars that are in short supply. By offering them through other CB’s via swap lines at artificially low interest rates, they create aniimplicit tax on US citizens through stealth inflationary pressures that additional money sloshing through the system engenders.

    Tell me where I got this wrong.