Terrorist now admits he held fund raiser for Obummer

We’ve known it for years but the main stream media dismissed it as the rantings of the crazed Right: Bill Ayers confesses.

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One response to “Terrorist now admits he held fund raiser for Obummer

  1. greenmtnpunter

    Will the Repubs ever win back the White House given the MSM in this country? So called Repub strategists should be spending all of their time devising a plan (s) to neutralize the MSM starting NOW. If they are unable to figure this out then welcome back Obummer for another four. In this case I would prefer Newt to be the nominee if only to confront the MSM when he debates Obummer by turning and pointing to Obummer saying: “When Mr. Obama releases all of his records including birth, schools, colleges, passport, etc.
    will be the day I will answer your question about my past.”