If you don’t like the results, change the game

Blacks score poorly on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) so let’s ditch it in favor of “psychological” testing. The LSAT tests logic skills and reading comprehension, period. If blacks aren’t performing well in those categories, it seems logical to me to look to the education provided in inner-city schools where blacks are graduating reading at the Second-Grade level. But then, I scored very well on the LSAT’s so perhaps I’m too attached to logic.


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16 responses to “If you don’t like the results, change the game

  1. Logic skills and reading comprehension aren’t valued so much in an age of lawyering in which results are based on post-modern concepts of social justice and ‘fairness.’

    This may be the whole objective of lousy inner city public schools.

  2. Is the black from Greenwich who went to Andover and Yale not going to score well? I’d rethink some of your “logic”.

  3. Al Dente

    This is of course another sham, like the New Haven affirmative action case and firefighter tests. Aptitude and competence are one thing, but when the highest lawyer in the land (Holder) is a sleazy liar, what does it matter. I don’t think people care anymore.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    You nasty wacist you! Anxiously awaiting Mr. Bill’s scolding.

  5. Anonymous

    Based on current hiring trends and debt loads (tuition), 90% of those choosing law as a profession since 2009 lack of critical thinking as a skill.

  6. Georgie


    I know you don’t subscribe to the GTime anymore, but there is a wacked-out “educator” writing an editorial on behalf of teachers and principals…..stating that “Education Reformers” need to be booted aside with their pesty insistence on “testing and accountability”…and schools should instead look at the “total child.” What that means….only this dumb f___knows. Oh, and how you would measure it, again only he knows.

    As Korea, China, india, et al are trying to stop kids from studying (cramming) into the middle of the night with intense reading,writing, mathematics….we have educators like this pea-brain, dip shit saying we need to boot out any Reformer asking for those oh so traditional, three r’s mundane classes and tests.

    This country will go down the tubes with the dumbing down of what is considered an educated, civic minded American.


  7. Georgie

    Also, found it interesting in this oped the writer referred to Steve Jobs and his combined art and science abilities…..little does the writer know how much money Jobs had donated to the so-called “[Corporate] Education Reformers.”

    I dont think anyone denies the importance of art, music—or for goodness sake history or English, but there are some basic core areas that a child needs to know today—to be a lawyer as the topic started or to be an animator for Pixar.

    Is it not giving a kid a real chance by giving him the basic minimum knowledge to compete in a global economy?

  8. JRH

    “The black from Greenwich,” is that really how you talk EOS? Wow…

  9. JRH

    Chris, what evidence do you have that Eric Holder is “the product of affirmative action”? The guy got his first academic accolades in the 4th grade, graduated with honors, worked as a federal prosecutor and then was appointed by Reagan to the federal bench. There are some legitimate critiques of race-based affirmative action, some of them made by, ahem, Barack Obama. But looking at any African-American with accomplishments and saying they didn’t deserve it is just some pathetic bullshit.

  10. Anonymous

    There must be tons of Andover/Yale-blacks in Greenwich!

  11. Al Dente

    In my pre-reformation days, I smoked pot with an attorney who truly was the highest lawyer in the land.

  12. Inagua

    “The guy… was appointed by Reagan to the federal bench.”

    Sorry to nitpick. Not the federal bench. The trial Court for DC.

  13. ML

    Coming from three generations of lawyers (full diaclosure, i learned from them and broke from tradition) I always found it ironic that the best “apptitude” test to become a lawyer was based on logic. That’s just me.