Home for the holidays?

Sixty-five Hunting Ridge, asking $10.750 million, has been withdrawn from the market. I’m guessing that like many homeowners, they don’t want their Christmas disturbed, but at this price range, how many buyers could they expect? Of course, it’s always possible that they’ve pulled it to regroup and reconsider their pricing strategy.

This looks like a fantastic house: 11,000 sq. ft., some of that surely buried, six acres, pool, tennis court and the works, but 2011 may not be the right time to break the price record on Hunting Ridge. Two very similar houses, built more recently than this one (2003-2005 vs. 1997) sold for $6.650 (’04) and $9 million (’06) but that was then, this is now. In fact, I doubt the $9 million house at 111 Hunting Ridge would fetch that sum today. So $10.750 may be exceeding the owner’s grasp, but what’s a heaven for, and all that?


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5 responses to “Home for the holidays?

  1. Call me spoiled, but at $10mm, I don’t do shared driveways. This one has a partial share, a communal drive that splits off at some point for #65 to have its own for a good while, but it’s still a nuisance. We have friends here in Bedford who have that same configuration. Darndest thing is backing up completely when someone is coming out and you are trying to go in.

    Otherwise, nice grounds, gorgeous pool. And that stretch of Hunting Ridge is really pretty, with the mega houses of Skyridge and Taconic surrounding it.

  2. Anonymous

    I guess $10 mil – still not seeing it aside from the driveway. no different than the same black T shirt at Saks or Target – still from the same factory in China. Something else has an appeal but not sure $10 mil worth.

  3. Sure does sound a little overpriced… and I kinda feel the same as EOSR – who should have to share a driveway @ that price?!

  4. Anonymous

    The shared portion of the driveway is very wide and can easily fit 2 cars. We will have to wait and see what 11 Skyridge sells for- it has a contingent contract at $13,900,000 and I bet it sells fairly close to that price. It’s too bad that the owners of Hunting Ridge put in so much landscaping- It used to have beautiful distant views of Long Island Sound!!

  5. Anonymous: The Hutch is wide enough for two cars to pass. STILL doesn’t mean I want to share.