Who’ll notice?

Checking his email

Going postal down in Washington – USPS announces that mail delivery will be (even) slower in 2012. I can’t remember the last time I mailed a letter.


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6 responses to “Who’ll notice?

  1. Stump

    My daughter in the Philly area is still waiting on something I mailed first-class a week ago today.

  2. Al Dente

    I just mailed you a check for Christmas.

  3. I’m waiting for an envelope I mailed on September 1, 2010 to arrive to its destination.
    If nothing else, I do hope the Postal Service will make sure Santa still gets all his mail. I’ve written to him. Have you?

  4. Anonymous

    stump, philly has the worst record of usps theft in the system. if you want to send something important, go ups or fedex letter or usps trackable at least.

  5. Anonymous

    we’ve had a couple of sent packages disappear from the old greenwich post office. once a coincidence, twice a …., thrice a …. confirmed customer of mailboxes etc. in riverside.

  6. A Mount Kisco post office employee was arrested last year in quite the scam of stealing packages and envelopes that contained gift cards. I guess enough people complained of things that went missing that it sent a red flag. She’s sporting stripes today (but probably still receiving her federal paycheck and pension!!)