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If the world economy collapses the way I’m thinking it will, I’d say this was a certainty

Germany: war with Iran can’t be ruled out. Anything to buck up our spirits and take our mind off of failed economic policies.  Of course, Germany, France and Great Britain are no longer capable of waging war so their bellicose posturing is really just a toothless threat to unleash the United States.

Would Obama return to the Middle East? Depends on how low his poll ratings are, and they aren’t looking good. I might just vote for Ron Paul after all.


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No crab legs for you!

Denied food stamps, woman shoots herself and her children. Yes, it’s a tragedy – for the children, anyway – but we’ve got a theme going here.


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If there were any local real estate news, I’d have mentioned it

All quiet on the MLS board, but things are busier than normal this close to Christmas. I’ve been out with different buyers (okay, Walt, you caught me – the same buyer using a different name so that I’ll feel good about myself) and I’m going out again in an hour. I have never claimed that my tiny real estate practice is representative of the market as a whole but the flip side of that is that, if  I’m busy with buyers then the big guys must be running around the clock.

I certainly hope that all this activity translates into quick purchases: New York’s black powder season for deer opens December 12th and I anticipate  gutting Bambi soon thereafter.


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They’re probably buying crab legs

Greeks emptying bank accounts ahead of the great euro collapse.

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Fudrucker’s gonna be so pleased

This quarter's for you, Frankie

Reader Libertarian Advocate sends along this argument for state-run lotteries. You should read the whole thing but the author’s basic point is that lotteries give the innumerate and the stupid ( and a trio of hedge funders who are both) a chance to dream at minimal cost while diverting millions into state coffers. I see the logic but I’d add one more benefit: it keeps the masses docile, so long as they think they have a chance, however remote, to get rich.


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Koch brothers lend top operative to Gingrich campaign

Oh nooo, Mr. Bill!

Oh! Wait a minute, it’s George Soros who’s sent his operative over to the White House to help run the Obama campaign. That’s okay, then


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Remember, increased Food Stamp use = increased poverty

Boo hoo.


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