If the world economy collapses the way I’m thinking it will, I’d say this was a certainty

Germany: war with Iran can’t be ruled out. Anything to buck up our spirits and take our mind off of failed economic policies.  Of course, Germany, France and Great Britain are no longer capable of waging war so their bellicose posturing is really just a toothless threat to unleash the United States.

Would Obama return to the Middle East? Depends on how low his poll ratings are, and they aren’t looking good. I might just vote for Ron Paul after all.


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11 responses to “If the world economy collapses the way I’m thinking it will, I’d say this was a certainty

  1. DollarBill

    Obama would be insane to do it. His poll ratings would sink to even lower levels if he tried. I know nothing would make the neocons happier than a war with Iran, but they don’t run the show in the White House, and the Pentagon don’t want a war either. Once again, the tail is wagging the dog, and if Israel knows what’s good for it, it will keep us out of their belligerent designs. For obvious historical reasons, Germany is much more sympathetic to Israeli insecurities about Iranian intentions, than France or Great Britain, but our national security demands that we stay out of this fight. Israeli interests and American interests are not synonymous, thank you very much.

    • Well Bill, an Iran with nukes and controlled by frothing mad men will certainly lead to interesting times in the Middle East. I don’t know the answer, but the faster we regain energy independence, the better. Let’s go fracking!

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Since Mr. Bill no longer haunts this blog, I’ll respond for him. CF, You’re nothing but a selfish Randian narcissist, but my brown demi-god – whom I long to service orally – will smite you and your cohorts come November 6, 2012.

    Is that about right in substance, if not style?

  3. burningmadolf

    There is no doubt in my mind that our “government” and its “allies,” namely Israel, have wanted war with Iran for years now. It’s definitely been Joe Lieberman’s single most important goal: to get this started.
    Since the other 2 wars didn’t boost the economy, maybe a third will do the trick?

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Oops, my bad.

  5. FlyAngler

    This is idiocy. Sorry DB but his O-ness does not have to declare war because we are already at war.

    See, the war with Iran has been going on quietly since 9/11, if not earlier. Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, al Sadir in Iraq, segments of the Taliban, etc are all elements of the quiet, neo-cold war that Iran has been engaging the US in for at least a decade. To not understand this shows a sorry lack of appreciation for current events. Or a willful ignorance to reality.

    The most recent stories about the Stuxnet virus, deadly accidents and/or disappearances involving Iranian nuclear scientists and an “accidental” explosion at a missile base a month ago are all examples of this quiet war starting to break into the open. The clear sign that this is a war quickly becoming hot was last week’s explosion at Isfahan, Iran’s third largest city and the center of its nuclear enrichment program. First reported with civilian witness in the city and then on Iranian news services, the entire event was removed from public view within hours. More importantly, the attack on the British Embassy the following day, in my opinion well beyond the scope of the diplomatic moves two days earlier, was an effort (again IMO) to distract Iranian domestic and international media from focusing on Isfahan. If you are reading this and asking “what explosion?”, that proves the point me thinks.

    Make no mistake about it, we are currently engaged in a most quiet cold war with Iran. We are battling alongside Israel and likely have help from certain friendly European powers as well as certain Arab states who see a nuclear Iran as a threat to the entire region. Statements by German or American officials about the inevitability of war should not surprise anyone.

    BTW DB, I would argue that Obama’s poll numbers might actually jump a bit if he stood up to Ammadenijad and the mullahs at this point.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Which is precisely why he will Man-up in the fairly near future, say about the time F&F becomes nearly impossible to brush off anymore and in no event before Axelrod and Plouffe tell him to.

  7. Dude

    There may very well be a precison attack(s) on Iran in the next 6 – 18 months with the acquiesence of the US and Saudis (as much as the Saudi’s hate Israel, they hate — and fear — Iran even more). With plausible denial of the US and Saudis, of course. Though Republicans (who have been advocating such a strike for 10 years) will paint it as political, it will be the inevitable outcome of the past 20+ years as Flyangler suggests. Any attack will be high risk…if it’s a surgical strike and destruction of all nuclear sites can be verified, then well worth it; if not, look out. It’s dangerous to play with matches.

  8. Anonymous

    FYI Fly: The war with Iran started November 4, 1979.

  9. @Fly – I believe “Willful Ignorance To Reality” is Dollar Bill’s full name.

    As he was growing up, the other kids in OG called him Stinky.

  10. dollarbill

    OK, I know this sounds so terribly uncouth to say, and everyone is accusing me of being blind to reality, but on what basis are we authorized to wage a covert war against Iran? Did that come up for debate in our House or Senate? Have we become so war-obsessed as a culture that we no longer blink an eye when the latest Evil Terrorist Menace of the week surfaces, requiring us to wet our pants, and shovel more of our taxpayer dollars to the Military-Industrial-Homeland Security complex? I thought all of you small government-worshipping,liberty-revering Tea Partiers would be up in arms over this expansion of government, but no. Conservatives always say terrorists hate us for our freedoms, so they must be stopped — even if that means sacrificing our freedom in the process This whole phony debate over the Iranian “threat” just goes to show how empty conservatives belief in limited government is.