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Speaking of Christmas pranks

Before the attack

The best I know of was that of my father’s, repeated year after year. Our neighbor across the street, Joe Ryan, liked to dress a small balsam entirely in blue lights. As soon as he did so, my father would sneak over and replace exactly one blue bulb with a red one. It drove Joe nuts and, in all his years of fuming over this senseless act of vandalism with “The Commander”, he never suspected that he was talking to the culprit himself. Hee hee hee.


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Well at least I never did THAT!

No merit badge for you!

Eight-foot-tall  Santa stolen from Greenwich Hardware. The creeps. I never stole a Santa in my life, nor would I. My own Christmas tradition was to wander up the street from Gilliam Lane every  Christmas Eve and shoot down my Scout Master Art Brown’s inflated Santa. One year I discovered after several shots neatly placed with my pellet rifle that the crafty dodger had stuffed the damn thing with newspaper. What nerve.

Undeterred, I returned home and came back with my bow and arrow and zipped three bright yellow shafts into Santa’s chest.  So festive, so fun! This new sport continued each year until I grew worried that an arrest at my age (25?) would cause even further harm to my reputation, so I quit. I had always assumed that Brown had no idea who was assaulting his inflatable but one day, decades later, I was approached by a guy who asked if I was Chris Fountain. I reluctantly confessed the truth and he told me that he’d bought Art Brown’s house a few years back and at the closing Art had promised him that if he’d put Santa on the roof at Christmas Chris Fountain would stop by and shoot it down. The new owner complained that I hadn’t done it yet and why not?

I was too old to engage in such childish behavior but I was tempted to initiate my own son into the tradition .  I decided against it – times had changed and our cops lost their sense of humor. Still, ….


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Just in time to thwart Dollar Bill’s Christmas feast

Thidwick's revenge

Government promises to cut down on Food Stamp fraud

“SNAP has never been more important, as hardworking families [sic] turn to the program for assistance while they get back on their feet,” Kevin Concannon, USDA undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer services, said Tuesday, unveiling a host of efforts the department is undertaking to ensure that food benefits will be used as intended.

Mr. Cocannon, by the way, claims that of the $54 billion spent on this program  annually, only 1% is lost to fraud. If you believe that any government program is 99% free from fraud, I have a Pentagon budget I’d like to sell you.


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From someone too embarrased to admit he reads this blog

Don't you DARE use my name, you Goddamned Commie!

Hi Chris,

This week Obummer made a speech in Osawatomie, KS trying to benefit by association with Teddy Roosevelt’s famous speech there in 1910.    The spin was that the current President’s message is no different than that of TR, one of our most dynamic presidents.  What the White House and regime media didn’t tell you was that in 1910:

·         The Federal income tax didn’t exist.  When the 16th Amendment to the Constitution passed in 1913, the initial federal income tax rate was 7% on incomes over $500,000, which is over $10,000,000 today.

·         The Federal reserve didn’t exist (created in 1913 also).

·         Government spending in 1910 was 8.0% of GDP, comprised of 2.5% Federal, 0.7% state, and 4.8% local.

Now that Obummer has sent total government spending hurtling to unprecedented levels over 40% of GDP (Federal portion over 23%), it is clear that TR, a Republican, would have been horrified rather than pleased.  In fact, Obummer’s speech was not progressive or populist, but identity theft and fraud.


[Jim Himes?]


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No more real estate news today

Greenwich Association of Realtors. This year, Food Stamps as door prizes

The MLS has shut down so that its staff can go to a Christmas party. Just as I never went to parties attended by other lawyers, I steer clear of large gatherings of realtors. But others’ tastes differ.

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Old Greenwich again

38 Deepwoods Lane has an executed contract, last asking price, $2.295 (down from $2.695). I thought this was a pretty good house and its (lower)  price didn’t dismay me. Owners paid $1.655 for it new in 2001.


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If these kids are as hungry as they claim, why don’t they just stop by the White House for a bite to eat?

Of course there’s the little problem of $38,500 per diner per plate,but surely George Soros can help out here.


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Caught dead to rights, she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell


Snowball charged with D.U.I.

Halina Snowball, 64, of 47 Lafayette Place, was charged Monday with DWI, unregistered motor vehicle, failure to maintain lane and unsafe movement.


(Too easy, I know, but I couldn’t resist)


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Off to open houses

I’ll report on any of interest, although I remain silent on houses that I like and think would be attractive to my clients (yes, Walt, I know, that should be singular). In fact, there are some great houses out there, a couple of new ones, most at new, reduced prices, that I’m showing. I was busy this morning doing just that.


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We don’t need an inheritance tax, the rich will redistribute on their own

Heir of Schlumberger fortune scammed out of $20 million after being warned of plot against him hatched by the CIA and Opus Dei.


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Another accepted offer in Old Greenwich

509 Park Avenue South

59 Park Avenue South. Asking $2.295. This one sat for a little while and dropped its price a wee bit but still not bad – owners paid $2.375 for it in November 2007. Back in the days of a different market, the same house sold in January, 2007 for $2.2875, then resold, as noted, eleven months later for more. Can’t do that now, but coming close to breaking even on a 2007 price isn’t bad.

Four bedrooms, 2,600 sq. ft.


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Ah, doesn’t his country have an unbroken record of doing exactly that here in the US for the past 80 years?

Putin complains that Clinton is supporting protestors in Russia. Adlai Stevenson, call your office.


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And just in time

Sure, little girl, we can bring you a Glock!

Guns that will fit in a stocking


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