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Food stamp usage up, rich democrats propser

Six-figure incomes, cushy state job, food stamps. Works for me.

Malloy claims to be investigating this fraud and I guess he’s been busy. In just a week he’s winnowed out just 24 crooks from the 800 who stole from us and today he’s got that number down to 15. By Monday, this will all be forgotten.


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An idiot when I lived there, Olympia Snowe hasn’t changed

Don't the mediocre deserve to be represented in Washington?

Snowe: “I want consumers to stay ignorant and pay more”. Amazon’s price checking service threatens small retailers because it will give buyers accurate information about prices. Horrors.


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If the goal is to destroy our energy supplies, windmills R us


Buzzard hits home

Windmills shut down and new ones blocked – boids is dying. The Dollar Bills of this country aren’t interested in keeping our economy growing – why should they, when they despise consumerism and consumers themselves?

The plan is to bring everything down: shut down nukes, banish coal, destroy hydro-electric dams, block transmission lines,  stop fracking and LNG,  eliminate gasoline, did I miss anything? Oh – wind power – don’t wanna hurt no kangaroo.

Name one source of energy – just one source – that the Mr. Bills support. I sure can’t. Unless you count propeller beanies, and I don’t.


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Live on Boulder Brook? You are so screwed

39 Boulder Brook

Thirty-nine Boulder Brook, that rather dreadful failed construction project that in 2008 was priced at $8.595, was sold today by Patriot Bank’s successor for $3.125 million. While I’m sure that’s news to gladden the darkest of bankers’ hearts, previous buyers on this street have just witnessed millions of dollars of equity evaporate.

#39 is assessed at $2.488 million, and sold for $3.125
#33. originally asking $6.875 in ’08 and assessed at $3.553 this year, sold last month (!) for $4.882 million
#9, originally asking $6.750 in ’08, assessed at $2.877 this year, sold for $4.4 million in October, 2009.
#16, asked $5.995 in ’07, assessed this year at $3.3. sold in 2007  for $5.882
#31, originally asked $3.975 in ’06 assessed this year at $2.083, sold in 2006 for $3.6 million.
With the possible exception of the purchasers of #31 (and I have my doubts about the lasting value of that one), folks who bought these big spec homes are going to feel sore when they go to resell. Number 39 was certainly the worst of the lot but I don’t think appraisers will give that much weight. The houses are all about the same age and size and Greenwich, at least, considers them to be of roughly equal value. So if you paid $4.882 last month, of $5.882 four years ago, then “ouch” is the operative word. By the way, I can, sort of, understand someone paying top dollar in the frothy days of 2007 but what the Hell was November’s buyer doing paying so much this year when he knew that prices had fallen – Number Nine, the finest house on the street, barely escaped the foreclosure auctioneer’s hammer in 2009 – and he knew that Number 39 had been foreclosed on and was bound to sell at a fire sale price? Oh well, a nice commission was earned, and isn’t that what this is all about?


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Design by Moose Head Interiors, LLc

Made in Japan

Readers have commented on the dead animal decorating motif at 34 Burying Hill Road and wondered why, if the owner is Buffalo Bill, his guns aren’t displayed? I’m just guessing, but I’ve noticed that interior decorators succumb to the temptation of the moment (especially when ruining a house on a street called “Burying Hill”) and festoon the place with an assortment of road kill. In other words, the “hunter-owner” may be no hunter at all.

A couple of decades ago I had the misfortune to visit a Greenwich interior decorator at her home regarding a law suit she was embroiled in with another Greenwich mansion wife (in Greenwich, if you aren’t volunteering for the Garden Club, you must be an interior decorator. Or both). I was escorted to the, I kid you not, ” Gentleman’s Room” to await her distinguished lawyer of a husband, John  (XXX). The room was positively cluttered with antique shot guns, stuffed birds and oils of hunting scenes. “Oh”, I inquired, naive idiot I was, “your husband must be quite a hunter.”
“Oh no,” his wife replied, “I just thought this room required a theme.’
That house is currently for sale, by the way, though I don’t know if its price includes the stuffed mallards and braces of pheasants. Last time I looked a few years ago it was grossly overpriced, so maybe you could drive a hard bargain and get some of the birds thrown in.


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When Ron Paul says we should pull our military back to our borders, I’m beginning to see his point

So long as we’re out to protect our own interests, so be it, but if we thought defending the Dutch or the Koreans from aggression would earn us anything but hatred, we’re sorely mistaken. Here’s what Dutch architects have designed and the South (no, not North) Koreans are building.


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Since there’s no real estate activity posted today …

Here are some pictures forwarded me by Fudrucker.

Greenwich patrol car - 1964 Version

Now Balducci's


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A nice, but expensive house in Riverside

Seventy-two Summit Road was gutted and renovated in 2009 (or thereabouts) and then added on to and renovated still more by the present owners in 2010. They have it listed at $2.050 and, while I can’t vouch for that price on this particular street, this is a beautiful house and a great example of what a couple with good taste and a good builder can accomplish. I showed it to one couple this morning who are looking more in the $3 million range (tip to new agents – never balk at showing houses well below your clients’ price limit – if you can save them some bucks, they’ll thank you) and their response was that this was exactly the house they wanted but not the land (it’s on about a third of an acre).

So its interior stands up nicely to homes costing a million dollars more. If you are looking in this general price range, I’d recommend it. I haven’t seen every $2 million house in Riverside or Old Greenwich that’s for sale, I don’t think, but I’ve seen most of them, and this one is by far the best. Depending on your tolerance for Summit Road – your call.


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If you don’t want to sell, don’t

A reader asks about 34 Burying Hill Road and why it hasn’t dropped its $5.995 price since being listed last spring. Obviously, it’s  because they don’t have to sell and don’t really want to. There are lots of homes “for sale” in Greenwich whose owners have this same exact attitude and why not? Test the market, see what happens – I doubt much will. Nothing on Burying Hill has sold for this much except for #37, which was a two-year old house on 9 acres – it sold for $6 million in 2002, when men were men and houses still sold.

I’m sure this is a perfectly nice house, especially for someone who wants to live close to Armonk, but the owner’s unyielding stance makes it clear that they’ve set a “make me move” price and are standing by it. I think I’ll pass on showing it but you may want it at this price. If so, go get it.

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What were they thinking?

Lunatic asylum

A 2 bedroom condo at One Milbank has sold for $1.6 million. Owners bought at the high water mark for this complex, paying $1.550 in August, 2000. Since then, units have sold between $1.4 and $1.6, the only exception being a three bedroom penthouse that sold this past August for $1.8 million. The unit just sold was built in 1985 and left untouched since then, so why was it originally priced at $2.6 million, what was the agent smoking when she accepted the listing at that price, and can I get some of it?


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Dollar Bill is standing behind them

What did I learn in school today?

Government-sponsored Muppet pigs teach children to demand their government-sponsored food stamps. One big circle jerk


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Well, we could always turn our sights on her and do the world a favor

Oh dear God

Bridget Bardot wants us to stop hunting bare. Myself, I always wear at least a camouflage jockstrap.




Back when she was a huntress


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Never affected me

Better'n Food Stamps!

Castrating lambs with your teeth can make you sick.


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Aw, he still believes in Santa Claus – and me!

So I drove by the scene of my past crimes this morning and noticed that the new owner of Santa is still at it, hoisting the guy up on the roof in the hope, presumably, that I’ll stop by and shoot the damn thing. How nice. This latest version appears to be made of hard plastic but I’m sure a broadhead would do the trick. Remember that old Charles Adams cartoon where Morticia, gazing with fondness at Pugsley and his sister building a roaring fire in the fireplace observes to Gomez, “The little dears still believe in Santa Claus”? Same thing.


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Realtors’ Party – Beggars Banquet

I didn’t go but someone who did sent along this snap just before his cellphone service was shut off for lack of payment.

Executive board cut ups


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