Dollar Bill is standing behind them

What did I learn in school today?

Government-sponsored Muppet pigs teach children to demand their government-sponsored food stamps. One big circle jerk


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10 responses to “Dollar Bill is standing behind them

  1. Anonymous

    34 burying hill road?
    It has held steadfast to 5.9m and is not selling.
    Broker or seller problem? or both?

  2. burningmadolf

    Government is doing a great job: 46 million on food stamps and 1/3 of American kids carrying too much weight. Perfect.

  3. anon

    Anonymous: 34 burying hill is prettier on the outside than in. the interior design is very owner-specific, lots of Wyoming effects, of antlers and moose heads and dark drapes and paints. Not that all that can’t be redone but I bet at $5.9, few are willing when a new house ready to personalize can be bought. I’m surprised to see this was built in 1960. Attractive and well-maintained it looks like.

  4. dollarbill

    Must be a slow news day, eh CF? Can’t you link to some Drudge or Newsmax scandal to gin up the rubes? How about the latest exciting plans to give rich people free money or more thievery from those good for nothing SNAP beneficiaries.

    On a not completely unrelated matter, all hail Chuck Prince!! Talk about sticking one’s snout in the public trough. But CF says we shouldn’t malign the Big Money Boyz (unless their names are Soros or Buffett) because they are our “jahhhb creators,” and besides look over there at those lazy public sector workers!

  5. Cobra

    Great decor. For my taste, can’t have too many antlers, head mounts, animal skins, etc. I sure wouldn’t change much at all, other than my inability to afford it! But, where’s the secure safe room and gun vaults?

  6. Perhaps Mr. Bill would like to explain his take on Fast and Furious, what with a slow news day and all…

    • He needn’t bother, because I’ve already gotten the party line from the Chairman of the Greenwich Democrat Party himself, not just its floor sweeper. It is this: the crimes and lies committed by the U.S. Attorney General are not to be considered or talked about, period. He works for the Messiah and hence can do no wrong, by definition. Works for me, certainly.

  7. anon

    I like Greg’s idea. After that, let’s talk about Newt.