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Two hundred fifty years of history says he’s wrong but no one ever claimed Henry Blodget was smart

Blodget's walk of shame

Blodget: Steve Jobs didn’t create jobs, customers did. In Blodgett’s world, the creative force in employment is people who consume things. Steve Jobs created something that no one knew was needed – the iPad, for instance, but that produced no jobs. Only when consumers came out of the woodwork to buy what hadn’t existed before were factories manned and set to work.

And what if the iPad was not invented? What would those factories be producing for Blodget’s millions of consumers? He doesn’t say.

He does say,however, in an eerie echo of the looters in Atlas Shrugged, that inventors and entrepreneurs, useless though they be, can be taxed as heavily as the non-producers see fit because these people will keep inventing, keep being creative because – well, just because.

Blodget is creating something new here himself, a sort of ill-thought-out post-Marxism. Marx argued that it was factory workers, not capitalists, that create surplus value or, if you will, “wealth”. Blodget tosses those workers into the dustbin of history and posits that it is consumers purchasing what the factories and their workers produce that actually generate wealth. By this logic, we could confiscate every dollar earned by capitalists, inventors and assembly line workers redistribute that money to the worthless non-working surplus population and make everyone a millionaire through the increased spending of the food stamp horde. That may work for Mr. Blodget but not so well, I think, in a real world.

To his credit, Blodget did seem to attempt to prove his new theory by committing several felonies and, had he consented to go to jail, would have created jobs, and wealth, for a handful of prison guards. That he dodged that fate via plea bargain is sensible but hardly a testament to his willingness to help the poor.

The man’s an idiot, a looter and a thief, and in general, a very bad person. May he and his like keep the Devil’s minions employed for eternity.


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Finally, something we can all get behind

Orthodox child sex scandal. I think we’ve all grown tired of kinky.

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And the global warming fraud continues

South Africa” rich nations agree to pay $100 billion to corrupt regime, do nothing on cutting emissions. 

As usual, the parties warned of doomsday but once again extended the end of days – our climate must be getting better every day!

Environmentalists criticized the package — as did many developing countries in the debate — for failing to address what they called the most urgent issue, to move faster and deeper in cutting carbon emissions.

Scientists say that unless those emissions — chiefly carbon dioxide from power generation and industry — level out and reverse within a few years, the Earth will be set on a possibly irreversible path of rising temperatures that lead to ever greater climate catastrophes.

I’ve followed these people for years (search “global warming fraud” in this blog’s archives) and we are far, far beyond the  “point of no return” various morons like Prince Charles and environmental “scientists” have declared. These people never acknowledge their error but instead, every time a deadline passes, they simply create a new one. So which is it? Are we now too late to save the planet or were the boyz wrong originally?

This is about money and centralized authority and nothing else.


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