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How about starting a new email host called “Roundhill.com”?

You don't have mail!

The new email reply for the cogniscenti is “I will be out of the office and unable to reply until my release from prison”. I like it.


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Darn it, my favorite Riverside seller is shuffling off the stage

Word has come that Stephen Dent’s house at 32 Twin Lakes Drive (that would be the bottom of Gilliam Lane for many of us) is finally under contract after three years. The place started at the laughable price of $15 million back before some people noticed that the world had ended and only dropped to $8.4 million as the months and years dragged on. Given the major work involved in bringing this house up to 20th Century (the 21st can wait) standards, I’d have expected its price to keep falling but apparently someone is willing to live with those flaws or got a great price or is willing to pay a lot now and a lot later. Whatever.

But it’s the loss of Mr. Dent I’ll most regret. You will remember “Dido” as the buffoon who was blackmailed not once, not twice but three separate times by hookers he met on-line. Greenwich will never be short fools, but colorful fools like this guy are a scarce commodity.


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Ok, this is kind of stupid

A reader points out that 32 Cariglea in Riverside has been reduced in price from $4.699 million all the way down to $4.675. This is a very nice house on a good street and its price is not out of line with comparable houses, but what signal does a meaningless price cut send? I interpret it as the owner saying, “don’t even try to negotiate a lower price, I’m standing firm”. Which is fine by me, but if that’s not the sellers’ meaning, they’re confusing those of us out here who would otherwise recommend this house. I had been thinking of showing it to one of my own clients this week, just as an example, but this act of marketplace defiance caused me to drop that plan. My clients, like most these days, like to dicker – an owner who outright says not to bother isn’t an owner I’ll waste time on.

But I still wonder why the owners didn’t just leave the price where it was? Same message, less trouble.


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From Instapundit to, indirectly, Mr. Bill

Chick with gun

CHALK ONE UP FOR THE BITTER CLINGERS: Dramatic shift in U.S. attitudes behind gun acquisition.

Natanel is a Buddhist, a self-avowed “spiritual person,” a 53-year-old divorcee who lives alone in a liberal-leaning suburb near Boston. She is 5-foot-1 and has a ready smile and a soothing voice. She’s a tai chi instructor who in classes invokes the benefits of meditation. And at least twice a month, she takes her German-made Walther PK380 to a shooting range and blazes away.

Two years ago, an ex-boyfriend broke into her house when she wasn’t home. The police advised a restraining order.

Ultimately, she got the Walther.


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Will there be more of these? You bet

Eight Hobart Drive, a spec house that once (2008?) asked for $7.8 million has an executed contract between the corporation that bought it from Patriot Bank and a buyer. Last asking price was $4.2 million and I’m guessing it will actually sell for around $3.6. So it goes.


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The $1.4’s have it

82 Winthrop

82 Winthrop, 0.64 of an acre in an R-12 zone has sold for $1.495 million. That seems about right for an over-sized building lot on this street. Original price was $1.795 but once it dropped to to $1.495, it sold quickly at full price, indicating to me that there were a couple of would-be buyers lurking. Someone might have done well to bid $1.4 for this land just before the price cut but that’s hindsight.

56 Riversville asked for $2.2 million in 2009, eventually dropped to $1.4 and sold on Friday. Two years is a long time to have your house on the market but presumably the sellers’ discomfort was outweighed by the satisfaction of spending imaginary money in their dreams. Or something.


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I got mine, Jack

Obummer has 37 Christmas trees, while his unemployed citizens dine on twigs and dirt. Maybe Mitch Romney could take $10,000 from his gambling kitty to buy Christmas decorations  for the undeserving.

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With friends like these ….


Pay our student loans!

The handful of remaining Occupy looters is going to try to shut down western ports today, thus depriving some very well paid union workers their pay. This will demonstrate, the looters say, their “solidarity” with those selfsame workers. This is the same crowd that, with their Messiah, has written off white blue-collar workers – in fact, they despise such people. Hmm.


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