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Buy land, they aren’t making it any more

But as an investment, sometimes not so hot. 83 Perkins Road, 2 acres with a teardown, was purchased for $2.3 million in 2003 and sold again today for $2.1 million. Owners tried asking $3.4 for it in 2008 but that didn’t work out, apparently.


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Stupid is as stupid does

25 Beechcroft Road finally closed yesterday and we now know that an out-of-town broker convinced her buyer to pay $4.475 for it. Thank God for these foreigners (defined as folks from Westchester and Darien), they’re often the only hope sellers have left after the local Greenwich buyers’ community has rejected their offering.

This house was admittedly poorly designed (although not by its builder, who waged a ferocious commentary campaign last time I ridiculed him here) but might have sold at a higher price if the builder had accepted reality earlier. He did not.From a preposterous start at $8.2 million in 2007, he lowered (and raised!) its price sixteen times before, four years later, he hit upon $4.475 as the winning number.

I think the buyer was a chump but regardless, the builder didn’t do so well on this monstrosity. He paid $3 million for the land in 2007 and then borrowed $3.5 million against it. Bad as it is, I doubt this house could have been built for just $500,000 so I suspect there was a ton of money poured into it from the builder’s pockets. Oh well.

The trouble with failed projects like these is that, once built they stick around, marring the landscape. Beechcroft was a good-looking lane just a few years ago before the developers showed up to desecrate it while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.


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Well, I’d say he got exactly the education you’d expect these days

Three blind mice

One of the three useful idiots who showed at the Darien Flopccupy yesterday was a 20-year-old moron named Cole Strangler who attended Brunswick. Here’s his story, as related by a reader:

The Occupy Darien only gets funnier and funnier. One of the handful of protesters was a young lad, Cole Strangler, who held a sign End The War and Tax the Rich. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Nothing except the irony is Mr. Strangler went to Brunswick, attends Georgetown, and is “just back” from studying abroad. So he’s okay to accept family money for the privilege of attending such fine schools yet talks out the other side of his mouth for this event? Pretty ridiculous.

I had the same thought a year or so ago when I noticed a picture of a Brunswick “student leader” wearing a Che Guevera tee shirt. The kids aren’t necessarily ungrateful for their parents’ sacrifice, they’re just cluless morons, ignorant of history,  who wasted $40,000 a year of daddy’s money to ensure that they remain in that sorry condition.


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