Well, I’d say he got exactly the education you’d expect these days

Three blind mice

One of the three useful idiots who showed at the Darien Flopccupy yesterday was a 20-year-old moron named Cole Strangler who attended Brunswick. Here’s his story, as related by a reader:

The Occupy Darien only gets funnier and funnier. One of the handful of protesters was a young lad, Cole Strangler, who held a sign End The War and Tax the Rich. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Nothing except the irony is Mr. Strangler went to Brunswick, attends Georgetown, and is “just back” from studying abroad. So he’s okay to accept family money for the privilege of attending such fine schools yet talks out the other side of his mouth for this event? Pretty ridiculous.

I had the same thought a year or so ago when I noticed a picture of a Brunswick “student leader” wearing a Che Guevera tee shirt. The kids aren’t necessarily ungrateful for their parents’ sacrifice, they’re just cluless morons, ignorant of history,  who wasted $40,000 a year of daddy’s money to ensure that they remain in that sorry condition.


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  1. Rivman

    I see Madoff was given leave to attend this rally.

  2. peeps

    Ohhhh, Chris – People can’t help if they’re born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and may be sincere in wanting to improve things nationally or globally. Even if things aren’t yet thought out well, I just don’t think it’s right to call one of the people from your town an idiot. You might want to call them naive or overly idealistic or misinformed, but the words you’ve used for this person are really uncalled for.
    I actually know one trust funder, not from Fairfield County, but from La Jolla, who went on to give it all up while spending his life trying to improve things in Central America. Some people develop an outrageous level of caring for others in spite of being surrounded with opulence and wastefulness.
    One of my friends recently bought a $530 Hermes beach towel to give her sister for Christmas because she going to a beach resort. I’m sure the resort will provide towels, and this thick towel will take up lots of room in a suitcase, so which trust-funder is the idiot? OK, I shouldn’t label her that either,,,we’re both wrong. Lets save our malice for the embezzlers and violent people, OK?

  3. greenwich dude

    greenwich dude agrees wholeheartedly with your analysis but, possibly being a moron teenager more recently than CF, thinks CF may have forgotten by now how completely ignorant teenagers and even college students are. in the 60s the college kids were right about a lot of important things. now? i’d have to listen to some more college political platforms but this is kind of lame.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
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    • Funny thing, Walt, I was trying to remember when I had last bought something from a retail store instead of on line and was stumped until I thought of all my visits to gun stores. Sex toys are fine to purchase on line, by the way, as long as you have sizing down. Steve Dent likes XXX large, I hear.

  5. Anonymous

    how drunk do you think margaret was?

  6. Outta Here

    It is a shame to see the guilting of these kids by their marxist teachers. No worries, someone else will step in and gladly take all of their money and connections to better themselves. Going to a school like Brunswick is like being born on third base, but there many people out there working feverishly to prevent you from scoring.

    This poor misguided so will probably go into the Americorps next. His poor parents presumably deserve better than this. Our schools need to do a better job weeding out these baby boomer marxists, whose ultimate goal is a communist dictatorship.

  7. peeps

    Anonymous, that’s such an unfair question to toss out to the anonymous crowd of bloggers.

  8. AJ

    Think back on the people you know who went to Brunwick and some of them would be, perhaps, more trouble than the public system would be willing to put up with. So instead of having to be juvenile delinquents who have to go through life with a police record, they get to be morons with
    a pedigree. I think you underestimate Ms. Rague and give her less credit than she is due. She’s quite industrious and very entrepreneurial in budgeting 3000 dollars to bring hapless, clueless occupy people out to her event in order to establish herself as a prime mover in the movement.
    Perhaps this is how one takes the first step on the road to becoming the next Ann Coulter. Or perhaps it’s how one begins to establish herself as a celebrity activist lawyer, much as Gloria Allrad began her career behind the Bigmouth Podium as a frequent guest on the Morton Downey Jr. Show
    before he disgraced himself and went off the air for suffering a staged but unwitnessed attack in a public rest room by skin heads who painted a swastika on his head. Much like the girl who was caught for scratching KKK backwards on her face (she used a mirror) and claiming Obama haters
    did it, Downey had also painted his swastika backwards. This is how one plants the seeds of a successful career; this is how king-makers and power-brokers are born. Out of tiny acorns…. Kudos to the police for realizing $10,000 in overtime for policing a non-event.

  9. AJ

    Steve Dent has aristocratic French ancestry; he can’t help himself: it’s genetic. Walt: shouldn’t you be wintering in the Riviera, letting young girls take advantage of you?

  10. Reader

    Maybe Stangler is applying the lessons he learned in his semester abroad. Maybe he studied economics in Greece. or Portugal. or North Korea.

  11. Balzac

    Hello Chris,
    Thanks for calling an idiot an idiot! The emperor again has no clothes, and we read this blog partly to hear you say so!
    On the topic of rich stupid liberals, Alec Baldwin said he didn’t want to run for NY mayor, suggesting the current field of potential candidates had distateful ambition and eagerness: “They’re like a guy on a date that you can tell he just can’t wait to get his hand up your blouse before even the lights go out in the theater,” he said Wednesday. “They’re all just so horny for it.” Our media love this liberal, who combines arrogance and tastelessness.

  12. Thanks, Walt, you just made my holiday. Cheers!

  13. Libertarian Advocate

    Walt: Obviously you don’t spend enough time on YouTube. Plenty of serious hotitas in bikinis who enjoy the shooting sports. They’re just not in Connecticut.

  14. Anonymous

    if that teen is as clueless as he appears, one can only wonder how great the absentee parenting must have been…

  15. Anonymous

    Nobody ever said that you couldn’t be from a wealthy family and still have empathy for those who are less fortunate. The ideology behind Occupy Wall Street is to create awareness of the gross income inequality that has taken place in this country over recent years and to hold the thieves on Wall Street accountable for their actions that have put our entire way of life in danger. I would be proud of my sons, one who is a Brunswick alum and another who currently a Brunswick student, if they chose to partake in the protests. If more of the 1% showed just a shred of understanding for the rest of the 99%, our country might be able to get back on track.
    My sons have more empathy in their hip pocket than most of the commenters on this blog (and most of the residents of Fairfield County for that matter). They both have spent numerous hours tutoring less privileged children at schools in Portchester and Stamford. They both have been counselors at summer camps for under privileged children. They both have regularly gone into New York to hand out food, clothes and blankets to the homeless. And, my boys are not the only Brunswick boys who do these things.
    For the record, my husband is a retired Wall Streeter and we sent all three of our children to Brunswick and Greenwich Academy. We are homeowners in Greenwich who have seen the value of our home decline drastically in value, courtesy of Wall Street. We are not Democrats or Republicans, but Americans who care about others. We have been blessed in our lives and feel a sense of responsibility to those who have not been as lucky as we have. It’s very sad so few others feel as we do.

  16. Fun reporting Chris – not surprised no one showed up.

  17. C.J

    It’s a sorry time indeed when young people, whether they are rich, poor, educated, or uneducated, are called “morons” for stating their beliefs, no matter what they may be. The problems that face America are not confined to the poor or the rich, and the sooner people realize that Occupy Wall Street stands not against the rich, but against only those who have exploited the system and 99% of the population, the sooner any real progress will come.

  18. Anonymous

    “The economic policies of Greece, Portugal, or Korea” – we’re in such a better spot economically than them, aren’t we! I don’t know what it will take for Americans to realize that our current economic system, one in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, can not and will not sustain us any longer.

  19. Anonymous

    To Outta Here –
    Maybe if you had actually gone to Brunswick or knew the tiniest bit if information about it, you would know that it is a relatively conservative school with relatively conservative teachers. “Marxist teachers”…you’re the one who sounds like a moron. It’s not good manners to talk about things you don’t have a clue about.

  20. nick

    Anonymous- I’m glad you have terrific kids! Many kids and parents in Greenwich are giving as I’m sure you know. As to OWS you seem to forget they posted their desire for: free college, forgiveness of all college loans, morgage foregiveness and tax increases on the wealthy. Their lack of deep thought on these items is sad and reflects terribly on the education that they have been given.

  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous 12:50, sell everything you have, give 100% of the proceeds to ACORN, move into a 1bdrm ghetto apartment in a tough Bridgeport or Stamford neighborhood and send your kids to the local public schools there, then report back to us on how you can really relate with that gross inequality. Thanks.

  22. Anonymous

    Che Guevara’s parents were wealthy and he was well educated. Nothing more absurd than ill-informed blog posts.

  23. anon

    the man to strangler’s right is running for congress; his platform is, um, er, ingenious. but the way congress is handling the payroll tax issue, i might go and vote for mr duffee:


  24. Anonymous

    Can’t claim each of those many individuals in top 1% of earners necessarily caused someone else to stay in the bottom 99%

    Suspect many of today’s top 1% were born to bottom 99% earning parents….and presumably were infected with their DNA and values

    Can’t legitimately accuse each of those in bottom 99% of being immobile in their state due to their own DNA or productivity or lifestyle choices; surely, a few are victims of life being unfair and someone being unkind (perhaps even a fellow 99%er)

  25. DollarBill

    CJ and Anonymous (she with her two boys at Brunswick): Bravo! You two demonstrate in droves that compassion and understanding (so completely lacking among most of the Rand-bots on this site) is key to raising and developing responsible children, and creating a better, fairer world. Thank you for pushing back against the mean-spiritedness and churlish, reactionary views on this site, poorly disguised as frat boy humor. There is nothing funny in the least mocking people who are trying to build a better world for all of us.

    Your obvious sense of empathy and altruism that you exude. of course, is considered a sin and a weakness for CF and his fellatial followers, as it was for Ayn Rand herself. Even conservative high priest William F. Buckley noted in this famous YouTube interview with Charlie Rose how utterly amoral and sociopathic Rand and her followers were. Too bad that the godless one still has her selfish, money-grubbing little acolytes trundling the world today, and making the world more difficult for the rest of us.

  26. hoping others will wake up and help instead of just criticizing

    Having just read your article, and also having worked on Wall Street myself decades ago at a time when you weren’t embarrassed to tell people that you actually worked on Wall Street, when Wall Street performed a much needed function of raising capital for the growing corporations of a great nation called America, and were admired for doing so instead of just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic or selling toxic waste to the pension funds of public servants like policemen, firemen, and teachers at $1 when a month later they were found to be worth 35 cents and still now worth the same (as has been Wall Street’s practice for the past two decades) I found it seriously disappointing that people of supposed intellect could write as well as respond in such naive and uninformed ways as in your article on Occupy Darien. Mr. Fountain, with all of the challenges for our great nation ahead, I as well as others find it unbelievable that you could not choose bigger fish to fry than Mr. Stangler or the great educational institution of Brunswick. I usuallly do not have time to read or respond to the likes of yourself or the millions out there in the blogosphere who think others really care what they have to say, but you and others who sit home at night in your pajamas or boxers eating Cheetos while writing about things they obviously know nothing about should find better ways to spend your time.

  27. Anonymous

    Marxists/socialists have a unique way of forgetting about, or glossing over, those pesky diversionary atrocities performed in the name of doing what’s right…

    I had family who was very involved in the vibrant pre-Castro Cuban economy. Havana was a global city, there was a LOT going on down there.
    Castro came in, and took it all. I mean ALL. And killed anyone who got in the way. All for the people.

    Charity, helping out the needy, and compassion for fellow man–those are (and should be) universal concepts, not rhetoric used as lever to instill the will of one group over another.

  28. Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 5:12pm – It’s not necessary for me to give up what I have to “relate” to the 99% – I grew up part of it while my father was serving this country in the United States Navy. It is hardly necessary to experience pain to empathize with those are who are suffering. All it takes is to open one’s eyes and watch what is happening in the world today.

    Cole Stangler’s sign said “Tax the Rich” which is exactly what Warren Buffett is calling for. “Stop the Wars” has recently become a mantra of many a Republican candidate. So, why when a Brunswick alum dares to say these things, is he called a moron? And why must the name of an excellent school be dragged through the mud simply because an alum chooses to exercise his right to free speech?

  29. Sebastian

    Dollar Bill is a mess (insulting & grotesque), the Pound and the Euro as well.

  30. Peg

    Let’s hear it for inequality of outcome! It leads to people learning more, striving harder, competing at their best and greater responsibility. If everyone is guaranteed equality of outcome – then there is no reason to educate oneself, work hard, save, plan, and avoid stupidity.

    Equality of opportunity is something else. But – equality of opportunity is no guarantee of success.

    For all those applauding these naive morons, let me ask you this. Why aren’t they protesting in DC? Why aren’t they protesting outside of union offices? Why aren’t they protesting outside of MSM offices, where they get fed biased stories about what is happening in the world?

    Thank God for the rich. They are, for the most part, those who live their lives as we all ought to do. Don’t think so? Read this:


  31. Anonymous


    When was Wall Street ever good? When Prudential was ripping people off in Limited Partnerships, or when Milken was shoving crap bonds down the throats of a bunch of S&Ls and insurance companies? Maybe you are going further back into the 1970s. I’m sure if I look hard enough I’ll be able to find some scam from then.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays

  32. anonymous

    Chris – you and your followers on this blog are a bunch of hating, uncompassionate jerks…and people like you are what’s wrong with this country! The funny thing is – most of you aren’t even in the 1% yourselves. Get over yourselves, you arrogant small minded fools!