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Remember, children, the poor have their troubles as well as the rich

No soup for you!

Only 500 homes above $750,000 sold in the last quarter, nationwide. This is Dollar Bill’s and Cole Strangler’s dream: everybody’s getting impoverished or, to quote an old Soviet saying, “better I have no cow than my neighbor have two”.


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I certainly won’t miss him

Here's one for you, too

One of Bernhard Goetz’s targets kills himself, 27 years to the day after being shot while mugging. I particularly like this part of the story:

“Ramseur had gotten out of prison only 17 months ago, after serving 25 years  upstate for raping a young woman on a Bronx rooftop.”


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He must be wearing a disguise

Tommy Fox bangs the drum slowly

One of the three professional protestors that slithered into Darien this week is a guy named Tommy Fox. Who cares what a fellow does in his free time but Mr. Fox’s co-demonstrators should know that the guy’s a plant whose real job is at Skadden Arps, defending huge corporations. Shocking.


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Realtors just hate when this happens

1110 Lake Avenue

This huge house (15,000 sq.ft.) is on Conyers Pond but is not behind the gates. It sold in 2007 for $10.3 million and is reported under contract today. Its asking price this time was $11.9 million, while it asked $11.950 in ’07. I assume a similar discount is taking place this time too, particularly because the contract category is “continue to show”, usually an indication that the seller is unhappy with the price he’s agreed to.

But worse, from the real estate agent’s view, is that this was a “direct sale” meaning some meddlesome acquaintance of the seller has wormed his way past the real estate agent and her commission and will buy this place without paying the usual and customary tariff of 5%. Oh, the bastard!


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Someone still has money – I blame the 1%ers


Steal from the workers and redistribute to her?

Thousands mob malls  to buy Air Jordan sneakers. Can you use food stamps to buy sneakers?

UPDATE: Gee, I guess there are far more 1%ers than that label might suggest – crowds of people ready to spend $200 for a pair of sneakers appeared all around the country. Pepper spray, pregnant women knocked to the ground, doors broken off their hinges and, of course, huge mounds of trash left behind. Wouldn’t you think that all these rich people would show a little compassion toward the poor and buy a cheaper pair of shoes, giving the money left over to starving food stamp recipients? Cole strangler would, I’m sure.

Cellphone service paid for by Brunswick Alumni Assoc.


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 Brunswick poster boy?

A few readers have written to support spoiled Greenwich communist and Darien Flopccupy attendee Cole Strangler for his “youthful idealism”. Hmm – let’s look at what this product of Brunswick espouses: a terrorist society, the enslavement of the citizenry, torture, bone-grinding poverty, suppression of free speech, secret police, gulags, murder of anyone who wears eyeglasses, a  “Cultural Revolution”, state propaganda masquerading as the only officially permitted “art” , forced starvation, tens of millions dead   – have I missed anything? If I have, surely this “student of international history” can add more.

So what is this “idealism” my readers find so attractive, so worthy of defense? I suggest that, were Strangler advocating the return of the Third Reich he would not be so warmly applauded but then again, perhaps I’m wrong – haters of individual freedom know no boundaries to their zealotry.

UPDATE: Some asshole has just been tossed into the dustbin of history – that would be the spam file – for writing to tell me that this post proves I’m an anti-Semite. I don’t mind stupidity – I post all or most of Dollar Bill’s screeds – but to interpret a disapproving reference to Nazis as proof of anti-Semitism is so very, very stupid that I’m really not interested in anything else the former reader might have to say. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed access to crayons.


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Noel, Noel, Noel, Noellll?

"Everything I am today I owe to Bernie" (actual quote, July, 2008)

Where’s Walto? No, not our Walt but the Round Hill Road guy with all that money. I’ve heard complaints from his neighbors that nothing has changed at the Noel residence. The expensive cars still come and go, parties are held (who would attend such an affair except from morbid curiosity?) and Monica hasn’t conducted a single tag sale.

So, Mustique for Christmas? Vail? Inquiring minds want to know.


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