Aw, this is cute

Here you go, chump

Mr. Cole Strangler, recent Brunswick graduate, having moved out of his parents’ mansion and given back the Christmas presents tagged with his name and awaiting him under the tree, has moved to a cardboard box on Wall Street and gone on welfare. Not to be outdone, here’s Dollar Bill, who cashed in his retirement plans and is giving his money to the poor, including Cole. That’s dedication to the cause and a complete refutation of the charges of hypocrisy levelled against both men.


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6 responses to “Aw, this is cute

  1. Anonymous

    It only goes to show how much you do not know – Mr. Stangler and your oft-attacked Dollar Bill do not wish to be poor, do not wish to be on welfare, and do not wish to give away all their money, they merely wish to give back some of the good fortune they have had. It is called empathy, and because of people like you who don’t have any, this country is in the throes of collapse. Congratulations, and bravo – you, Mr. Fountain, and your other grubby, greedy little friends have contributed to the possible downfall of America.

    • No Anon, they do not wish to give back what they have – to the contrary OCW demands the forgiveness of the student loans already extended to and consumed by them, free housing, etc. What they want is to give away other peoples’ money, something entirely different.

  2. Peg

    “Good fortune?” Fortune definitely plays a role in our lives; the abilities with which you are born, where you are born, your health…. But it’s funny. The folks who get an education, work hard, save more than they spend, treat others well, work on having a nice family, etc., etc. somehow seem to quite often have more “good fortune” than those who do not follow this.

    My experience is that many people who are successful “give back” plenty to others – both in the form of high taxes and personal donations. What they don’t like to do is have what they have earned tossed down a rat hole in the government – or be used to pay off the mortgage of someone who had no business getting it in the first place.

    Thinking that Christopher and other successful Americans are the ones who have caused the “downfall of America” is ludicrous.

  3. He went on welfare because he cares about others?

    You wanna care about others, then get a damn job and pay some taxes, instead of sponging off us, dirtbag.

    I swear liberals all seem to think that money grows on trees – and somebody even picks it ‘for free’.

  4. Peg

    West….. you mean – I can’t just go outside and grab it off the shrubs?!?!

    Boy; talk about figuring out how to ruin a girl’s Christmas – bwaaaaaaaahahahahaha!

  5. I personally think those who don’t pay taxes should not be allowed to vote.