Brunswick poster boy?

A few readers have written to support spoiled Greenwich communist and Darien Flopccupy attendee Cole Strangler for his “youthful idealism”. Hmm – let’s look at what this product of Brunswick espouses: a terrorist society, the enslavement of the citizenry, torture, bone-grinding poverty, suppression of free speech, secret police, gulags, murder of anyone who wears eyeglasses, a  “Cultural Revolution”, state propaganda masquerading as the only officially permitted “art” , forced starvation, tens of millions dead   – have I missed anything? If I have, surely this “student of international history” can add more.

So what is this “idealism” my readers find so attractive, so worthy of defense? I suggest that, were Strangler advocating the return of the Third Reich he would not be so warmly applauded but then again, perhaps I’m wrong – haters of individual freedom know no boundaries to their zealotry.

UPDATE: Some asshole has just been tossed into the dustbin of history – that would be the spam file – for writing to tell me that this post proves I’m an anti-Semite. I don’t mind stupidity – I post all or most of Dollar Bill’s screeds – but to interpret a disapproving reference to Nazis as proof of anti-Semitism is so very, very stupid that I’m really not interested in anything else the former reader might have to say. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed access to crayons.


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14 responses to “Humbug

  1. burningmadolf

    I say write on CF.
    One of the biggest problems with our country is this whole anti-bullying run amok.
    If Cole wants to pretend to be part of the bullshit 99% when he is probably closer to the .5% then it’s fine to call him out.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I didn’t read any of the crap this kid wrote, so I really don’t understand what he did to cause your panties to get so bunched up.
    You are ranting about a 20 year old kid, who grew up privileged, doesn’t know dick, and has no sense of priority or values. In short, he is a fucktard. He just doesn’t realize that yet. But he will. And he is wasting his youth.
    I grew up poor, and didn’t get to go to fancy schmantzy private schools. But I learned at an early age what was important. Getting down a hotties pants, and hard work!! Did I care about the Cuban Missile Crisis? NO!! It just made me more determined to lose my cherry before we all got turned into asphalt. Why waste my time and virility writing about stuff I know absolutely squat about, when I could chase trim? This kid is a misguided loser. And yes, he is a kid, even though he thinks he is all grown up and worldly.
    I knew at an early age how to set priorities. That was Hitler’s problem. He was attending rallies and writing propaganda at an early age. He should have been chasing fraulines, that dummy. You ever see those Munich beer house girls? They have fun bags as big as your head. So, if at 20, you choose politics over hotties, you have serious issues.
    So Hitler blew it. It probably didn’t help that he only had one nut. Does this Cole kid have a full set two bagger? Maybe you should check.
    Your Pal,

  3. PVL

    Keep pounding the “youthful idealism”, that’s where the horrors of the 20th century came from. Just because this kid is a historical moron, does not mean he gets a pass so he and his ilk can spread their “stupidity”, which unfortunately has life and death consequences.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Anonymous

    The support shown by these readers for this young man stems from their own willful ignorance and inability to come to terms with the rigors of proper parenting-a curious affliction of Greenwich’s “Do as I Say, not as I Do” rich liberal crowd that has spread increasingly over the last ten or so years. I remember that it was about that long ago that I questioned a well off Old Greenwich woman about her twelve year old son’s choice of a camouflage Che t-shirt(the iconic image of the despot in profile.) She just laughed and said that her son loved Che. It is interesting to note that this woman had, in a previous conversation, extolled the virtues of drugs in her college years and fully expected her son to engage in their mind expanding abilities as well. But it is MORE interesting to note that this woman firmly banned same son from owning a BB gun or ever playing with fireworks. Of course to anyone in possession of a rational mind this seems illogical behavior. But to her it made PERFECT sense. So, let’s break it down(her thinking):
    BB gun=BAD
    Drugs=GOOD (Unless your are Black or poor in which case Drugs=BAD because they will probably cause you to do Bad things like steal son’s Che t-shirt to buy more drugs.)
    Che=GOOD because he was cool, had long hair, looked great in a beret and was a REVOLUTIONARY(which is GOOD because that is cool, I think, maybe.)

    The reality is that this woman was an idiot and irresponsible parent. You do not allow your son to wear a Che t-shirt any more than you would allow him to wear one depicting Hitler, Mao or Stalin because Che was an evil, wicked, murdering swine. It disgraces the child and more importantly disgraces the VICTIMS of Che’s horrendous crimes.
    For those of you writing in to chastise CF for his opinions, think about Che’s true legacy(something obviously lost on Mr. Strangler)- the unwashed hordes of Cubans who are willing to brave a perilous 90 mile ocean passage on an inner tube or slab of styrofoam that you would not dare even venture into your backyard pool with because they so desire the FREEDOM that is wasted on you.

  5. Anonymous

    the fact that anyone in the u.s.–from fairfield county, ct, no less!–supports che is positively laughable. they ought to talk with someone who was there, who had guns pointed at their heads and secretly scrambled to charter private planes to get the hell outta dodge with only their lives and $ in pocket.

    just ask the older (famous irish political family from MA) who were always there for the gambling & boxing, or the fine society folk around the world who played & partied in havana at the time just how fun that frighteningly fast that exodus was.

    ideaology from the ivory tower of georgetown (or any university in a democratic country) is one thing. it’s quite another when a poor peasant revolutionary army soldier sticks a gun in your face and makes split second decision whether you live or die. oh and he no hablo georgetown neither.

  6. People in Greenwich can often afford a lot of bullshit, hence Cole and his kind. Clearly no need to focus on the quaint, basic priorities of life.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    You’d be amazed at the stupidity of a large number of our fellow citizens. Watch this guy getting people to sign a petition to repeal the First Amendment…

  8. Publius

    Shows your stupidity that you equate Che Guevara Communistic beliefs with the fascist regime of Hitler – fascism and Communism are two entirely separate ideologies, even though they happen to be, in many opinions (including mine) terrible, bad, horrible etc. Know your stuff before you post things on this inane blog of yours. One last thing – the dogmatic, unwavering opinion of people like you are what allowed the fascist regime of Hitler to take place. Shame on you, and shame on the mindless breed who fall in step by step behind you. I am not a Communist, I am not a fascist, I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I am not a libertarian – I am simply someone who knows wrong when I see it, and you, sir, are deeply in the wrong. Posting that picture of Stangler, a college youth and thirty years younger than you and comparing him to the Hitler Youth because he has expressed his opinion (and thus utilizing the rights granted to him by our forefathers) is not only wrong, distasteful, and deeply disturbing, it’s illogical.


    Dear CF,

    You can be highly entertaining on a wide variety of subjects, and even when I disagree with your stance, as I often do, I appreciate your argument, sense of humor and those delightful captioned illustrations — the latter always hilarious.

    But I think, on this subject, you show strains of undue vitriol. Hey, your blog, your right. Maybe you’re just trying to boost readership. Maybe you’re bored. As a reader of yours for several years, I was hoping for more.

    I know you’re a religious man — and it is, after all, the day before Christmas. So, perhaps in this season of peace, it’s time for a ceasefire.

    Hope you have a lovely, joyous December 25th. Hope your children, Pal Nancy and especially your mother Leatrice do, too. Take care of your heart.

    Happy day, happy year,

  10. Chris, don’t you know it’s fascist and dogmatic to mock those who idolize Che and Fidel? You hater, you.

    And shouldn’t an Internets post that actually references Hitler in the body somehow roll up into a chronosynclastic Godwin’s infindibulum and disappear?

    Publius, here’s your petition to sign:

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Peg

    Defenders of these idiots might wish to read this:

    Probably won’t help. But – you know me; never say die!

  12. armonk

    Forced to choose, I would greatly prefer to live in the Third Reich over Stalin’s Soviet Union. For some reason radicals give Stalin, the greatest killer in the history of Earth, a pass.

  13. Correction

    It’s actually Cole Stangler,* not Cole Strangler.