The Strangler gets his wish

Cole Stangler

Wall Street loses 200,000 jobs with more to come. Here’s the problem, children: when you lose all those high paying jobs, you lose all those high paying tax payers, so the taxes to fund your utopia are going to have to come from er, well, you.


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10 responses to “The Strangler gets his wish

  1. oh, darn! You mean those “high paying” jobs creating credit default swaps, and CDOs, and other wonderful financial innovations will be gone? Heaven forfend.! How can a man earn an honest living these days? What other lines of work can those poor, aggrieved bankers do, other than lighting piles of free money on fire, and evicting people from their homes? Pity the poor banksters! Perhaps CF can organize a bake-sale to bail them out again?

  2. Al Dente

    That Mr. Bill is a douchebag.

  3. Anonymous

    dollar bill, laid off bankers, including their laid off support staffs, have families, mortgages and bills, too. You are completely clueless and insensitive.

    • I point out that he’s a Demmerkrat,Anon, which means that the only people he cares about are public sector union members and food stamp recipients and, of the latter, only those who have never worked.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Bill, are you really that ignorant to assume that everyone who works at those firms is in some form of banking or trading? Ever hear of admin staff, helpdesk/operations employees, human resources, etc.?

    Are you making a blanket assumption that ALL bankers are bad? Hey, happen to take any meds by chance? Take away healthcare banking and/or debt & equity capital markets, and your precious little pills that give you a boner when the moment is right, or keep your heart from stopping at an inopportune moment, would never be developed since the $ needed to get ’em invented & later to market couldn’t be raised.

    Chew on that. Or not.

  5. Sebastian

    Dollar bill is so annoying. Perhaps he is a self loathing liberal and that is why he is obsessed with this blog.

  6. Anonymous

    The notion of the unemployment rate “improving” by people leaving the labor force is at best a half truth. The figure may look better to the uninformed but in reality the labor market is getting worse. If you add back the people who “dropped out”, the unemployment rate is in reality much worse than two years ago and at least double digits under formulas used in the 1980’s.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    @ Anonymous at 8:36 pm: at this point why would anyone believe any statistics spun out of Obama’s DoL? It’s all cooked books now. I keep sending CF the gold nuggets sifted out by Shadowstats, but he either ignores it or it goes directly to his junk folder. Then again, he’s often berated as too pessimistic here, so maybe he’s just trying to lighten up the mood some. There is much to be quite glum about.

  8. Sebastian

    Touche. I do know that it is an oxymoron.