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If so, I blame Sean Penn

Hugo Chavez:  did U.S. give me cancer? No charge, fat boy.


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I was going to point this out to Mr. Bill yesterday

Obummer has put together a massive, world-wide drone killer operation. According to Mr. Bill, these hateful machines are the fault of that ol’ debbil Bush but, like so much of President Bush’s efforts in this arena have been seen, raised and even trebled by Obummer.

UPDATE: a reader sends along this link to a WSJ blog that decries the hypocrisy of Obummer who, rather than do anything mean like stick a terrorist in Gitmo and extract information from him kills him via remote control instead. No mess, no bother, no complaints from his liberal friends.

Of course, this “out of sight, out of mind” thinking is endemic throughout the entire liberal agenda. Coal-powered cars like the Prius are the favored vehicle because all those icky rare earths are mined in far off China. Oil may be imported from the Nigerian delta, one of the most polluted, corrupt countries on earth but not Canada because we can see Canada from our back porch. Cuba is an acceptable place to visit and support because Castro keeps his political prisoners hidden away from Greenwich touristas, and so on.


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Couple of sales

44 Winthrop, land sale, 0.4 acres, sold in ten days. Interesting that the seller took a bite off her asking price of $1.395 million and accepted $1.250.

15 Audubon Lane, over off Bedford, was a contemporary on 4 acres. Sold for about its assessment – $1.020 assessment, $1.050 sale.


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So what’s the surprise here?

Waiting for Mr. Goody Bag

State’s investigation into food stamp fraud spreads to Department of Social Services employees – the group that was “overseeing” the giveaway. You offer something for free, of course people are going to want it (estimate of how many people would need additional food stamps after Hurricane Irene doubled from the original guess of 10,000). And it’s hardly surprising that state employees, witnessing this largess on behalf of tax payers, would want in on the game too and scam it.

That doesn’t mean the employees shouldn’t be fired and prosecuted, but maybe the state should be looking at why it felt extra bags of popcorn for the poor was a good idea or even necessary in the first place. If you’re unemployed, how does a hurricane hurt you? There’s no job you have to get to and I know of no scientific study documenting increased hunger during storms. My guess is, like the recipients themselves, the state saw an opportunity to grab hold of extra federal money and, like George Plunkett, took it. Mr. Plunkett called that sort of behavior “honest graft” – his spirit lives on in Hartford.


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One Milbank sale

Price reported yesterday: $1.350 million. While that’s less than the asking price of $1.699, it seems in line with sales from 2004, which isn’t bad. I hated the exterior architecture of these units when they were erected in 1985 and haven’t warmed up to them since but they seem to be holding their value and they do have a decent location going for them.


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