If so, I blame Sean Penn

Hugo Chavez:  did U.S. give me cancer? No charge, fat boy.


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8 responses to “If so, I blame Sean Penn

  1. Anonymous

    Chavez has a big set of public relations-oriented brass balls to publicly flout that they’re providing free or discounted home heating oil to needy families during the east coast winters, when every other U.S. and foreign petroleum company apparently played Grinch and said no mas. And a Kennedy speaking about this on commercials–have you seen the t.v. ads? Funny stuff, that.

    Regardless, good on Citgo for doing it, irrespective of their owners’ politics.

  2. w b h

    He’s also had some nasty things to say about BHO
    as reported by Pravda:

    “Hugo Chávez rips into Obama. Obama is an irresponsible phony who shames the USA

    “On Monday (19th), Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chavez, heavily criticized the U.S. president, Barack Obama, in response to his warning of the alleged restrictions on the rights of Venezuelans.

    “Chavez called Obama ‘irresponsible and fake’: ‘Obama will get involved with his things. He dedicates himself to his country, where he has practiced a disaster. Now he comes seeking votes by attacking Venezuela. Do not be so irresponsible, boy,’ said Chavez in a Council of Ministers broadcast on state television….”

  3. anon

    Better to blame Joe Kennedy and his stupid-ass Citizen’s Energy Assistance Plan. Why the hell Kennedy wants to sleep with the enemy is beyond me.


  4. Sebastian

    Chavez is a moron. CFK (Cristina Fernandez) is such a populist; she wants to be the next Evita (and that it is not a good thing).Argentinians will never learn. I hope she recovers though. Cancer is always a tragedy.

  5. nick

    If you go on the web to Citizens Energy they ask you click your participating State (CT) for info. When I went there it turns out the program uses Ct. and Fed.$ funds. Back on the Citizens web it says they have helped 200,000 households. That’s over several years and it only is partial help. So why is Kennedy spending the charities $ touting how great he and Citco are?

  6. Walt

    Dudemeister –
    You working this week or just dicking around? Like you do every day.
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    So here is my list.
    I will no longer make fun of you. I will, however, continue to point out your wayward ways. Of which there are lot, I am sad to report. I may try and do this with humor, and probably fail, but it is only meant to help you. Like that is even remotely possible!!
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    So let’s hear what you have decided?
    Your Pal,