So what’s the surprise here?

Waiting for Mr. Goody Bag

State’s investigation into food stamp fraud spreads to Department of Social Services employees – the group that was “overseeing” the giveaway. You offer something for free, of course people are going to want it (estimate of how many people would need additional food stamps after Hurricane Irene doubled from the original guess of 10,000). And it’s hardly surprising that state employees, witnessing this largess on behalf of tax payers, would want in on the game too and scam it.

That doesn’t mean the employees shouldn’t be fired and prosecuted, but maybe the state should be looking at why it felt extra bags of popcorn for the poor was a good idea or even necessary in the first place. If you’re unemployed, how does a hurricane hurt you? There’s no job you have to get to and I know of no scientific study documenting increased hunger during storms. My guess is, like the recipients themselves, the state saw an opportunity to grab hold of extra federal money and, like George Plunkett, took it. Mr. Plunkett called that sort of behavior “honest graft” – his spirit lives on in Hartford.


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  1. Anonymous

    Blaming all food stamp participants as criminals is akin to dollar bill labeling all bankers crooks.

  2. No outrage of course at the trillions in “free money” shoveled out to the banksters, and their fraudulent Wall Street accomplices, none of whom have been indicted. Instead, look over there at those lazy, good for nothing minorities, right CF?.

    After all, nothing like a good storm to force these undeserving malingerers to realize that they need to get off their duffs,and work a bit harder like the wealthy job producers do (when they’re not shipping jobs overseas, or collecting free money from the Feds for trashing our economy.)
    St orms

  3. Philip Davidson

    But has there been any “hooker activity?”

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    So I spent the morning at Targets. No, I was not shoplifting or returning presents. I was there for the boobs!! Did you see this?
    It was better than Beamers!!! No tipping required!! I fully support a woman’s right to flash her love puppies whenever and wherever she wants to. What do you think? These little kids have no idea how good they have it. And the little brats have a problem with sharing, as I well found out.
    Your Pal,

  5. I agree with you Chris. It could be someone working for the Gov encouraged the over taking of fed funds and now the Gov had to investigate it.

    Walt – Great find very funny.


    So if this New Canaan man say’s he didn’t pay his assistant to have sex with him and his giflfriend then can’t she turn around and accuse him of sex harrassment ?
    The story is kind of funny

  7. Peg

    Poor $bill. He doesn’t seem to realize that it is the Dems who are shoveling the $$$$$ to his detested “banksters” and Wall Street types. He’s about as knowledgeable as the Occupy folks; complaining to the wrong people about how the system works.

    He also apparently isn’t aware that the majority of people getting welfare (be it the type Christopher described here or corporate welfare) are not “minorities.” But hey; let’s not let a little thing like accuracy and the truth get in the way of spreading “progressive” BS.

  8. Hey dollar bill, speaking of the banksters, what did your buddy Jon Corzine do with the $1.2 billion of other peoples money? Can you ask him the next time you see him on DU?

    • He gave it to Obummer, Richard. You may have noticed that obummer gave some, but only some, of it back last Friday afternoon during the news dump specially held that day.

  9. Peg

    Dollar Bill – enjoy!

    Your beloved Democrats at work.

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks, Peg, that was an excellent and depressing article. For some reason, NR killed the direct link but I was able to find the story titled Repo Men anyway.

    Hopefully this one will work: