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The kind of case first year torts students will love



In Chicago, an appeals court rules that a woman struck by dismembered body parts can sue the estate of the former owner of those parts who, running for a train, was hit and tossed about.  This actually makes sense, legally, although it is not true that the court, ruling in the plaintiff’s favor, said that the defendant didn’t have a leg to stand on. It should have, though.


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Obumski’s new tactic: tax the poor and the stupid


Hmm. Ran out of 1%ers. What to do, what to do?

Moves to legalize interstate gambling. Readers with the memory of an elephant may remember when, two years ago, the DOJ hauled two British gambling executives off a plane and incarcerated them for conducting an online gambling site in Britain (!). Those gentlemen are still awaiting trial but in the meantime, our president has moved on.


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Would someone please buy this house and put the owners out of their misery?

11 Hycliff Road is marching toward its fifth year on the MLS, marked down, as of today, to $2.195 from its preposterous 2007 price of $4.995 million. It’s a contemporary but if you don’t like the house, and I do, tear it down – you’ve got 5+ acres to work with, plus a pool plus a tennis court and Hycliff is off what I’d call lower Riversville Road. At under $2 million (I sense there’s negotiating room here) you could do far worse.


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Why shouldn’t an illegal have a say in our government?


Rebuilding Greenwich, one block at a time

Mason seeks chairmanship of Greenwich BET


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I’m not sure her publicist really wants to employ the term “breakout star” to describe her


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Hillside Road sells quickly, high school or not

25 Hillside Rd

I mentioned recently that 55 Hillside Road, a house I tried unsuccessfully to sell to my own clients, had gone to contract at what I’d guess was close to or at full asking price, $2.885 million. Now I see that 25 Hillside, a renovated carriage house on two acres has also gone to contract – its asking price was $3.8 million. So what’s Hillside got going for it? Large lots, a really convenient location and nice houses. And those lots are large enough to afford a buffer from the 2X daily school traffic.


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Schadenfreude will bite many of us Greenwich residents in the butt

The Wall Street layoffs resume and pick up speed. It’s not just the Dollar Bills of this area who cheer this sort of thing – Ol’ Bill is too blinded by hate to have any rational thought on the subject but plumbers, carpenters, doctors, home sellers and even real estate agents should be able to see what will happen when the faucet is turned off.

Many don’t. I recall being at a sales meeting at another firm when news of the Lehman bust provoked a loud cheering. My peers were delighted to see some Wall Streeters brought down but as I tried to point out, who did they think was buying the houses we were trying to sell? I’m as appalled at the excesses of some of our newly rich as anyone but I know who’s buttering my bread.


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And not just in Greenwich

Homeowners discover that they can stop paying their mortgage and live worry free for years.


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