I’m not sure her publicist really wants to employ the term “breakout star” to describe her


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11 responses to “I’m not sure her publicist really wants to employ the term “breakout star” to describe her

  1. Anonymous

    “Nothing good ever came from Reality TV.”

  2. peeps

    Oh, come on. You know she will be entertaining.

  3. Sebastian

    Bummer. I thought they will produce the Real housewives of G-town. And laugh about the trashiest of the town.

  4. AJ

    Insurance fraud: the preferred cash shortage solution of the stressed out wealthy in dire financial straits, or how to get full market value for expensive crap that nobody wants to buy. The only problem: insurance companies are a suspicious lot, especially when it comes to single item thefts.

  5. Anonymous

    She just wants to be a star but no one will ever take her seriously. How can we take her seriously? She’s got nothing to back it up. Dumping 1 husband for what she thought was better. Dumping #2 for better and got dumped. What advice could she offer? “Get a better pre-nup” is all I see.

    Poor family, the rest are really nice.

  6. peeps

    Lily was a lot of fun and very down to earth.

  7. Digler

    sh looks haggard and played out. nobody wants to watch a show about a crazy old lady.

  8. Anonymous

    @Digler. I did a fair amount of googling around (this site has an enormous amount of gossip right here) and what struck me in all of her pictures from various charity events, she and her ex share the same facial expressions in all of them. Too much botox maybe?

  9. BotoxBabe

    “Miss Advised” is reported to be a show about 3 women who have jobs. When did Tina ever work? She used to “work for her mother” but that was narcism at it’s finest as no one ever respected her when she came to work at 10 and left at 2pm. Didn’t do much while she was there either. She just tried to boss everyone around. We all just couldn’t stand her. So far, she hasn’t worked in the 12 years since the biz was sold.

    {Follows three single relationship experts (a radio personality, a columnist and a blogger) on and off the job. In each episode, viewers will watch these women juggle their work and personal lives as they maneuver through the dating world and discover whether or not they can practice what they preach. ADMag}

  10. @Peeps

    Lilly is still a lot of fun.

  11. peeps

    @Peeps – Glad to hear it.