The kind of case first year torts students will love

In Chicago, an appeals court rules that a woman struck by dismembered body parts can sue the estate of the former owner of those parts who, running for a train, was hit and tossed about.  This actually makes sense, legally, although it is not true that the court, ruling in the plaintiff’s favor, said that the defendant didn’t have a leg to stand on. It should have, though.


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  1. How is this one Chris –
    The Swiss are allowed to file their own criminal complaints against Bank executives they think cheated them out of their money. Now this one is done by a respected Swiss investor I’ve followed for bit and his internal emails from Barclays are quite damaging so he might actually have a chance at getting a Swiss judge to allow it to move forward in court. Still this might be a waste of money for him to go up against Barclays when other institutional investors have failed I have to give him credit for standing up to what he clearly thinks is out right stealing and cheating.

  2. The lawyer probably charged an arm and a leg to bring the suit.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    So where is your list? Did you think about what makes you happy or sad? What you are good at and what you suck at? You probably suck at everything but we can deal with that later.
    Did you reflect for a bit at the wonder of what goes around you every day, that you take for frigging granted? Well did you PUNK? HUH!! Dirty Harry Dude! Another great flick!!
    I think not. Well you should, because it is pretty amazing. You just need to take the time to appreciate it. Life is too fast. And time is our most precious possession. So stop pissing it away, you load. Like most people do.
    So take some time and think about that. It is time well spent. Think about what makes you happy, and then capitalize on that. I like it when my dog farts. I really do!! It makes me laugh and it doesn’t cost me a dime. I like full moons. I like red leaves. I like a clean ass wipe, when my finger doesn’t pierce the TP and I don’t get an unintended finger up my anus. I like big cans on skinny chicks. A lot. And I take the time to appreciate all these things. Most people don’t. Especially when they are from Greenwich, and figure they are entitled to it. WELL THEY FRIGGING AREN’T!! It is all a gift, so learn to appreciate it.
    Do people even realize it anymore when they see genius? I think not, and I think we take it all for granted. Even when they are all around us. And not like the obvious ones, who I still think we all take for granted. Like John Lennon. That guy was a rock star. He really was!! Or Norah Jones. You ever hear her sing or play the piano? The chick is brilliant. Pretty hot, too. And she is Ravi Shankar’s daughter, so she overcame a lot. Not that I have anything against Dot Heads. I really don’t. I actually like curry. And Buckwheat Zydeco. You even know who he is? Google him, you tool. The guy is brilliant. But I think we take it for granted, and that is sad.
    Anyhows, my point is, the genius is the girl at the bank, who smiles at you when you come in. The genius is the teacher, who encourages your kid. The genius is the waitress, who actually cares about good service. The genius is the “real estate professional” who adds real value. OK. That one went too far. The genius is people being nice. And we don’t seem to appreciate that as well. It makes me sad for the human race.
    So have a Happy New Year. I wish you and the Family all the best in 2012. Francis as well. That commie. I am posting this early as I figure you will be dicking away the rest of the year.
    Your Pal,

  4. Daniel

    Palsgraff redo?

  5. greenwich dude

    i am like tearing up a little reading walt’s recent work

    walt = winning

  6. Greenwich Old Timer

    Walt (aka Billy Goat Gruff) – Your New Year’s post hit the nail on the head, and thank you for that! I have always believed that it is just as easy (easier, perhaps) to be pleasant and optimistic than surly regarding our daily interactions, and it sure makes life nicer for all. You are a treasure and I certainly wish you well in the coming year. Greenwich Old Timer

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    “I have always believed that it is just as easy (easier, perhaps) to be pleasant and optimistic than surly regarding our daily interactions, and it sure makes life nicer for all.”

    Funny how it seems to work in most places with the exception of that dick shaped island about 30 miles to the south of Greenwich.