Would someone please buy this house and put the owners out of their misery?

11 Hycliff Road is marching toward its fifth year on the MLS, marked down, as of today, to $2.195 from its preposterous 2007 price of $4.995 million. It’s a contemporary but if you don’t like the house, and I do, tear it down – you’ve got 5+ acres to work with, plus a pool plus a tennis court and Hycliff is off what I’d call lower Riversville Road. At under $2 million (I sense there’s negotiating room here) you could do far worse.


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8 responses to “Would someone please buy this house and put the owners out of their misery?

  1. Anonymous

    $1MM and I’ll buy it.

  2. Anonymous

    I saw it – way overpriced. Sorry.

  3. EOS Pet-peeve number #1:

    If those photos are what the listing agent decided is worthy of being online, I say it’s no wonder the place sits unsold. The kitchen looks decent but the photo, gee whiz, what a waste. And two pictures of nondescript bathrooms (one with the toilet seat up!!!) when the dining room looks intriguing, what little I can see of it squinting at the living room photo.

    I think the house has alot of great qualities (even though it’s not my personal taste) so the agent has an obligation to let those qualities shine through. Why don’t agents get this? I believe Raveis did a study that 90%+ of home buyers search online first and eliminate houses based on their photos when the house could actually be quite nice in person!!

    I may change professions in 2012 and go from an unpaid schlub of a blogger to high-paying real estate photographer.

  4. Anon

    Would probably go for $1.7 million.

  5. alex


    I’d say 2 mill and you’ve got yourself one heck of a deal.

  6. Anon

    Well, it is a very private nice land and even the old contemporary looks nice inside.

  7. Lotus

    I love that area of Backcountry. I would love it, but….
    Is the land around there really worth $2 million a building lot? I don’t think so.