Between the dying and the dead

44 Parsonage Rd

Or, more prosaically, between the Nathaniel Witherell Home and Putnam Cemetary, This new listing at 44 Parsonage Road is of note primarily because, at $2.795 million, it’s asking a wee bit less than its 2003 sales price of $2.873. I won’t have a chance to refresh my memory of the place until its open house two weeks from now but judging from its pictures it doesn’t seem to have changed much, not withstanding the listing’s claim of a 2010 “renovation”. And while it may just be an oversight on the part of the listing broker, I’m always cautious when there is no picture of a home’s kitchen.

Still, it’s on 1.5 acres in the 1 acre zone and even with some wetlands, there should certainly be room to expand from the current 3,800 square feet.
Speaking of land values, four acres at 156 Taconic has a contract. Last ask was $1.9 million, down quite a bit from its 2009 ask of $3.2. Assessment is $1.328, which seems closer to what a building lot is worth up here than that first price.


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7 responses to “Between the dying and the dead

  1. Listing says “AS OF RIGHT” FAR OF 8762 sf – does that mean new buyer could double the size of the home? It’s 3895 sq ft. now.

    • So far as the math goes, EOS (and I haven’t checked) the claim seems right – 1.5X the one-acre FAR. But you might run into practical problems with actually building that much house, depending on wetlands, lot shape, etc. I don’t know that you will, only that FAR calculations are only part of the equation.

  2. But for the listing agent to mention that calculation so prominently means to me that they already feel the house is too small for the street or is lacking in some amenities that price range buyer would want. To TELL the potential buyer he/she can add-on/scrape and rebuild says from the get-go, be prepared, the home needs work. I’d take issue with the broker for making that comment in the listing. I feel that’s something best told to a client. No?

  3. Pete

    The property has 4.01 acres. FAR is .0625. 4.01 x 43,560 x .0625 = 10,914 possible floor area. Assessor’s records do indicate wetlands (10% reduction) and topography (9% reduction).

  4. Anonymous

    The only good room is the living room. The kitchen & bathrooms & lower level all need LOTS of money to bring them up to standard. The laundry is in an unfinished basement area – gross. Good street but this house needs a lot of work. Aren’t today’s buyers looking. for property where that’s all been done already?