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So what’s the surprise here?

Waiting for Mr. Goody Bag

State’s investigation into food stamp fraud spreads to Department of Social Services employees – the group that was “overseeing” the giveaway. You offer something for free, of course people are going to want it (estimate of how many people would need additional food stamps after Hurricane Irene doubled from the original guess of 10,000). And it’s hardly surprising that state employees, witnessing this largess on behalf of tax payers, would want in on the game too and scam it.

That doesn’t mean the employees shouldn’t be fired and prosecuted, but maybe the state should be looking at why it felt extra bags of popcorn for the poor was a good idea or even necessary in the first place. If you’re unemployed, how does a hurricane hurt you? There’s no job you have to get to and I know of no scientific study documenting increased hunger during storms. My guess is, like the recipients themselves, the state saw an opportunity to grab hold of extra federal money and, like George Plunkett, took it. Mr. Plunkett called that sort of behavior “honest graft” – his spirit lives on in Hartford.


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One Milbank sale

Price reported yesterday: $1.350 million. While that’s less than the asking price of $1.699, it seems in line with sales from 2004, which isn’t bad. I hated the exterior architecture of these units when they were erected in 1985 and haven’t warmed up to them since but they seem to be holding their value and they do have a decent location going for them.


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A meaningful price cut? Maybe. Larger than the usual, anyway

38 Cedarwood has dropped from $7.750 million to $7.250.  Will that be enough? Darned if I know, but it’s a good sized chunk of cash and should attract some buyer’s attention. The owners paid $6.5 million for this place, new, in 2003 and it might ultimately return there, but Cedarwood’s a nice street in an excellent location and this house, on two acres, seems to have all the features buyers in this price range demand. Could be your cup of tea.

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No, leave the driving to us!

Guy steals a bus in Syracuse and drives it up to Watertown to visit a friend. A couple of questions: why would anyone want to go to Watertown?; why would they go by bus?

On the other hand, the article says that Greyhound disabled the bus remotely, which is pretty cool – I didn’t realize they had that technology. Maybe they’ll sell that knowhow to the Taliban.


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Another drone down

No, Dollar Bill’s fine, I’m talking about those drones that don’t like the Taliban. Question: if we worry about the technology of these craft falling into enemy hands, why don’t we have explosive devices included in their fuselage? I’m sure there’s a good reason why not, but I’m curious.


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The Strangler gets his wish

Cole Stangler

Wall Street loses 200,000 jobs with more to come. Here’s the problem, children: when you lose all those high paying jobs, you lose all those high paying tax payers, so the taxes to fund your utopia are going to have to come from er, well, you.


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Oh please, don’t DO this!

It wouldn’t sell at $290,000 so the owner of 3 Putnam Hill has raised her price to $299,000. A losing strategy.


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