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Plot or stupidity?

Incandescent bulb production moved from the U.S. to Asia, windmills made in China with federal funds, now electric cars, powered by $500 million of our money, are being manufactured in Finland. Or they were until they were recalled for defective batteries that catch fire.

Why, you ask, are U.S. taxpayers subsidizing a Finnish electric sports car that costs $90,000? Are you surprised that Al Gore has perched his fat ass on the company’s Board of Directors? Bet you aren’t.

Obummer is shutting down all our energy sources, driving manufacturers from our shores and has adopted a vehemently anti-business stance. Is he doing this deliberately or is he really just this stupid? Could be either one, I suppose, but there’s no question that the community organizer is a drooling moron. In a way, that’s almost reassuring – imagine the damage he could cause if he were an evil genius.

In a lengthy interview, Fisker said he apprised the Department of Energy of his decision to assemble the high-priced Karma in Finland after he could not find an American facility that could handle the work. They signed off, he said, so long as he did not spend the federal loan money in Finland — something he says the company has taken care to avoid. He said the decision, ultimately, was to help prevent his company from following the path of Solyndra, which exhausted nearly all of its loan money on a high-tech solar manufacturing plant in Freemont, California.

“If you just start doing like what Solyndra did, making a factory in a place where it was too expensive to manufacture … [you] obviously fail,” he said.


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A bad idea rears its ugly head again

County government. Proponents of a new regional planning authority swear it has nothing to do with bringing a new level of bureaucracy to our area and if you believe that, I have a proposal for a state income tax that will eliminate and lower other taxes for you.

Central government types (that would be Democrats) are simply driven crazy by Connecticut’s lack of a county-level tier of state employees, all hired and appointed by the democrats and paid for by Greenwich. If you’ve ever had the misfortune to observe Westchester County, just as a for instance, you will have noticed that the county government produces nothing of value while imposing another layer of taxation on its citizens. Kill this idea again but this time use a pointed stake.


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Hey, you never know

Rumor has it that 21 Shoal Point, a creek-front property in Riverside asking $5.5 million, has an accepted offer. I’m not griping – any sale like that three houses down from mine is cheery news – but that does seem like a lot of money for tidal property. Then again, there are those two new houses crammed onto lots on Marks Road, up the street from this one, no waterfront at all and asking $4 million – if they get anywhere near that price, then $5ish for Shoal Point might be considered a bargain.  Might be.-


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