Hey, you never know

Rumor has it that 21 Shoal Point, a creek-front property in Riverside asking $5.5 million, has an accepted offer. I’m not griping – any sale like that three houses down from mine is cheery news – but that does seem like a lot of money for tidal property. Then again, there are those two new houses crammed onto lots on Marks Road, up the street from this one, no waterfront at all and asking $4 million – if they get anywhere near that price, then $5ish for Shoal Point might be considered a bargain.  Might be.-


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3 responses to “Hey, you never know

  1. Looking in Riverside

    Anything in the 2s in Rivetside that’s move in condition? Riverside/OG is heating up again.

  2. Anonymous


    Bland AND fugly…pics photoshopped to death. Ugh.

  3. Anonymous

    people will pay a premium for riverside though