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When talent is not enough

It never is, actually, but NY Jets player Santonio Holmes is a dickwad of the highest order, quitting on his team early this season and  collecting his millions while malingering. Obviously he should be traded, but who would want him? That’s a $50 million, five-year mistake (or some ridiculous number like that). Still, better to eat the contract and send this guy packing than leave him on the bench another four years while he infects his teammates. Or Plaxico Burress, who I do like, could give him a pistol and directions to a really cool New York City nightclub.


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Uh huh

The killing of a park ranger is tragic enough without simpletons piling on. Margaret Anderson, a 34-year-old married mother of two was shot by a lunatic while she was trying to stop his car in Mount Ranier National Park. Certain people are blaming her death on the new law that permits people to carry weapons inside national parks. But it is also illegal, or against park rules, not to install snow chains on your tires in winter. It was exactly this rule, in fact,  that the gunman violated and that Anderson was trying to enforce.

Call me crazy, but a guy who breaks the tire chain rule probably isn’t going to care two hoots about another rule barring weapons. Then there’s the other law, much older than either the weapons carry or tire chain rules, which prohibits the killing of another human being. This guy paid no attention to that one, either.


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Doubling down on stupidity


I didn't win

Powerball ticket price increases from $1 to $2.  Since the odds  of winning the lottery are identical whether or not one buys a ticket, this price hike just drags more money from the pockets of the numerically illiterate (money which, as was pointed out by a reader, was originally stolen from the productive and given to the feckless to squander). Not surprisingly, lottery pools are quite popular in real estate offices.


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Dumb, lying realtors

Okay, redundant, I know, but I was visiting a friend in northwestern Connecticut this past weekend who has his house up for sale. It’s a lovely, 1825 structure that, with maybe $500,000 – $1 million in renovations could be the beautiful home it once was but as of now, it’s a wreck. So how does my friend’s real estate agent describe it in its listing? “Lovingly restored to showcase condition”.

What possible good does it do to misrepresent a house on line or to prospective buyers? The briefest glance at the outside will reveal the lie and anyone brave enough to enter will be disappointed and, I’d expect, angry at the deception. So why do it?

My friend is quite ill and I didn’t want to press him on this but really, he should immediately fire his agent and find one with an iq certified to be above 90. If he can find one.


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And to think we elect, and pay, these retards


Better they play video games than enact new laws

Mandatory sick leave imposed on Connecticut employers and tax payers will now subsidize “green studies” students but not, say, nursing students. Or philosophy majors. Unlike the greenies, I was taught to think clearly and logically which is, I suppose, a detriment to getting along in our brave new world and certainly nothing to be encouraged by our state government.


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Replacing Steph with Ellen Barkin was obviously a mistake


Ellen Barkin trolls for boy bands

Greenwich Avenue Victoria’s Secret closing due to poor sales.


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Multi-millionaire prostitute lies about police to her “followers”

(Tired) coyote fare

Some bimbo named Ellen Barkin, who married and divorced billionaire Ron Pearlman and pocketed $40 million for spreading her legs, however briefly for the man, claims to have been mistreated by police at the occupy Wall Street fracas New Year’s Eve. No word on what this 1/10 of 1% er was doing down there – working the streets? Protesting the protestors? – but her 20-something boyfriend videoed the confrontation and that record exposes the tired old whore as a liar. Such a surprise.


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A self-professed liberal’s view of the election

And I fear he’s exactly right. Three reasons why Obama will win.

We know that a country of people who earn a median wage of $16.27 per hour (source) cannot afford to pay $100,000-200,000/year pensions to policemen and firefighters who retire at 42 or 50. We know that we can’t afford our massive military or unlimited payments to Medicare providers. We know that we can’t afford to pay working-age people to sit at home and collect 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. We know that China is growing 10 percent per year because businesses find employees there who have a better education and work ethic. We know that countries like Singapore now enjoy a higher per capita income than the U.S. does partly because they’ve figured out how to deliver basic government services at a tiny fraction of the cost (as a percentage of GDP). We know that our public schools are set up to benefit employees rather than students and therefore the outlook for competitiveness is not improving.

We don’t want to do anything about these issues, however, which is why reelecting our current crop of politicians, including Obama, is the most sensible thing to do.


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Feel safer now?

40,000 new laws took effect yesterday. The people who compile these statistics ought to also see how many laws were repealed. I’m guessing zero – why should this year depart from the past?

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