Replacing Steph with Ellen Barkin was obviously a mistake


Ellen Barkin trolls for boy bands

Greenwich Avenue Victoria’s Secret closing due to poor sales.


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6 responses to “Replacing Steph with Ellen Barkin was obviously a mistake

  1. If you Google ‘Victoria’s Secret store closings’, there are several besides Greenwich; Cincinnati. Mount Kisco. Des Moines. The reason listed for the Mount Kisco closure was severe water damage after Irene. The whole strip of stores was flooded. Might have been a good excuse but likely not the reason.

    The NYC store was closed for a while due to a bed bug infestation. Ewwwwwww. I don’t know about other women here, but the THOUGHT of trying on underwear in the store when you don’t know who else has had them on……OMG, it totally skeeves me out. Wouldn’t ever do it.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Where will all the little Greenwich bubble asses buy their panties? Woolworths? That is gone, so scratch that. Mail order Fruit of the Looms? We might as well shoot ourselves now. Go pantyless? I could support that idea, but I think the stick up their ass will stop them from doing so. I know. It makes me sad too.
    Eddie Lamperts office is upstairs. Maybe he puts in a Sears? Yeah, that will work. I can look at tires and frigging drills. NOT!!!
    I am moving to Elmsford. They have that porno store right off 287. What is this town coming to? When Elmsford has us beat, hands down, it is time to consider your options.
    You are a pillar of the community. Correct? Well maybe not a pillar, but certainly a brick. Right? Why don’t we open a nude ballet? Like Beamer’s. But classy. No chewing gum. We hire the nannies on their off time!!
    What do you think Dude? I am liking this idea.
    Your Pal,

  3. yes, and I have read that they were quite upset when VS moved in (didn’t stop them from cashing their rent checks for 20 years)

  4. AJ

    Walt, as everyone who was a regular reader of the NY Post and NY Daily News back in the day knows, Jackie O. (Kennedy) bought all her undies at Woolworth’s. She also drove a BMW 3.0 (not the 3.0 csi and certainly not the 3.0 csl) a sort of imitation old school Mercedes.

  5. peeps

    They should just throw in the towel all over. They have a serious problem with skill in hiring. They go too much by appearance and seem to end up with employees who spend too much time stealing from their employer.