When talent is not enough

It never is, actually, but NY Jets player Santonio Holmes is a dickwad of the highest order, quitting on his team early this season and  collecting his millions while malingering. Obviously he should be traded, but who would want him? That’s a $50 million, five-year mistake (or some ridiculous number like that). Still, better to eat the contract and send this guy packing than leave him on the bench another four years while he infects his teammates. Or Plaxico Burress, who I do like, could give him a pistol and directions to a really cool New York City nightclub.


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5 responses to “When talent is not enough

  1. anon

    the real news from the NYDaily News link is that Freddie Milano of Dion and the Belmonts died.

  2. Anonymous

    Great thing about NFL is that the Jets can cut the dickwad and never have to pay him another cent.

  3. Just the Facts!

    Both of them are Steeler rejects. And as a life-long Steeler fan, western PA football knows trouble makers when they see them….at least on the ballfield. ‘Ton has always had problems since right after being drafted he was picked up for marijuana. The Jets should try something new and develop their own talent from within rather than making deals for hired guns. Point in fact, Jericho Cotchery has matured into a well balanced received and the Steelers have exploited him well this year and will continue to do so in the coming years. Thank you Jets! JTF

  4. Phil McKraken

    Phil wants to know why anyone would ever, ever, be a J E T S fan. What an abysmally shitty franchise. Phil’s JINTS are the ruling team in greater NY and always will be.

    How do you figure the J E T S can just cut the douchewad? Not if that’s a guaranteed contract… They can release him but still be on the hook for the balance.