When utopia slams into reality

CUNY law school lowered its admission standards, dropped many required courses and let first year students elect a pass/fail option instead of actual grades, all to make the school more “inclusive”. Lots of warm, fuzzy feelings on campus, I’m sure, but then came the state bar exam, which only 67% of CUNY students passed (Columbia and NYU’s success rate is 96%). Better to catch incompetence before unleashing the unwashed into our courts but still – what a waste of time, money and resources.


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3 responses to “When utopia slams into reality

  1. AJ

    Could it be worse than the Pat Robertson (boasting 150 grads in the Bush Justice Dept.) and other so-called “fourth tier” law schools. Perhaps we can ship them all to Texas where they can sleep their way through capital offense cases.

  2. Tokenekebozo

    So what? Easy to solve the problem. Dumb down the bar exam and watch the pass rate go up.

    Oops, sorry, I don’t actually mean dumb it down, I mean make it less “culturally biased”, .so it is not discriminatory.

  3. My recollection of both the CT & NY bar exams was that they were far more endurance tests than knowledge tests; NY’s just more so.