Wow, that’s a lot of $3 donations

Obummer’s amassing a $1 billion campaign fund while sending his wife out in a $2,000 breakfast frock to solicit three bucks each from the poor. Disconnect? Not in the new America.


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6 responses to “Wow, that’s a lot of $3 donations

  1. foxy moron

    I read that one of his email to contributors stated out “Hey.” So very presidential. NOT.

  2. Anonymous

    We’re doomed. The freeloaders, illegal immigrants, and public employees have reached critical mass which was the master plan for this administration from the beginning. They will all pull the lever in swarms for Obama in 2012 to keep their gravy train rolling.

  3. David

    As a member of a formerly-discriminated-against ethnic group- until our services became too valuable and we got too pissed off to take it any longer- the foregoing posts make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The idea that our president is a socialist who entices the uneducated and unwashed to vote for him by offering them a free ride is a little disgusting, considering his academic accomplishments at Harvard and a professor at University of Chicago. To say nothing of the fact that his administration saved this country’s collective ass. The reason this guy is going to be reelected is because he has so much more grace under pressure than anyone currently representing the party of Lincoln, which has fallen on very hard times.

    • “considering his academic accomplishments at Harvard and a professor at University of Chicago.”

      He has refused to release his records from Harvard so speculation about his ‘accomplishments” there is just that: speculation. He was not a professor of anything, anywhere.

      i do agree with you rearding the dismal state of the Republican party.

  4. David

    He was Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review. Okay he was a Senior Lecturer at University of Chicago Law School not a professor. It’s true he can be way too cerebral for our happily mediocre electorate (to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin). But something is wrong when credentials like those are meaningless. The last president we had with an equivalent academic background was Woodrow Wilson.