Dingletown modular sells

16 Dingletown closed for $5.6 million, which is close to where I predicted it would sell when it was new to the market in 2008 and asking $9 million (check with Gideon – I believe we had a bet on this). A nice house and a good yard. If I recall, it lacked a separate closet for the woman of the house which is a serious drawback for homes in this price range but really, the only thing holding it back from a quick sale was that first price. Builders paid $2.250 for the land (1.6 acres) in 2007, so perhaps that accounts for their reluctance to price it right to begin with.

Two points: modular homes can command an excellent price; EOS, if the pictures for this listing don’t inspire you to start a new business, you’re missing an opportunity.


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17 responses to “Dingletown modular sells

  1. Cos Cobber

    I like the architecture of this house…at least what I see in the photo from the driveway.

    • I liked it too, CC – again, the only thing I was dubious about with this house was its $9 million price tag; quality of construction and finishes, excellent, very useable yard and a convenient, quiet location. I think the buyer at $5.6 did just fine.

  2. EOS Real Estate Photography, at your service. My motto: Stay Focused!

  3. 4 Grimes Road in Shorelands, OG, and newly built the summer of ’05, is modular, beautiful and got its price when sold — in a week — this summer.

  4. Anonymous

    These photos are hardly the worst I’ve seen, in fact, you featured a property within the last month or so that had photoshopped furniture added to the pictures. Now, THAT was God awful advertising. 😆

    I wish I could remember which house that was but I don’t and a quick search isn’t finding it either.

  5. Anonymous

    The back yard looks like it slopes down quite a bit. Dingletown Road is not straight forward at all.

  6. Anonymous

    Aha, I found the house because you mentioned it again today in another post. 😆

    This agent is so inept that she set up a website for the home that won’t come up in Google search unless you spell out ROAD. Unfortunately, she has removed some of the shopped pics of fires, books, and furniture but a few remain.

    Zillow has some of the others preserved too: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/33-Club-Rd-Riverside-CT-06878/2138663500_zpid/

    I think only Raveis still has the pic with the bulldozer, apparently the agent likes to add more to the photos than to subtract items from them.

  7. Front Door Real Estate Photography

    And you thought I was kidding. EOS takes up your challenge!!

  8. Anonymous

    @EOS/FDREP. HURRAH! Best of luck to you in this new venture.

  9. EOSRedux aka Front Door

    The hitch in the giddy-up will getting hired. I’m going to find out who has the 191 North Road listing to begin with!!!!!!! I think that’s a reasonable cold call. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    We bought a modular. Was wary initially, but once I’d done the research I was actually very favorably disposed. Haven’t been disappointed since, very well constructed.

  11. Anonymous

    @EOS, 33 Club Rd could use a sane photographer/p’shopper. Just sayin’.

    In fairness though, it looks like they did hire a good photographer at some point who photographed at least parts of the house/land. You have to wonder why the awful shopped pics were used instead…

  12. Anonymous

    “16 Dingletown is just around the corner from North Street.E-Z on, E-Z off.”

    E-Z off, maybe, but not so easy on. Making a left turn towards town onto North St from Dingletown can be a nerve-racking nightmare, and, while waiting, you’re clinging to the side of a cliff. I live on the west side of North St and thank my lucky stars that I do whenever I pass by those poor bastards from the east side trying to nose their way into the busy traffic. In fact, having observed this daily hassle for them for many years, I think it’s worth a premium to be a west-side property owner.

  13. Val Jean

    Dingletown is one of the worst roads in Greenwich. Cliffs, bad property.

  14. Jd

    Chris, do you know who did the modular construction. Looks beautiful. Jd

    • I don’t JD, but Marshall Heaven would, and I’m sure he’d be glad to tell you. I agree with you – a very well built house.If course, just like a stick-built home, the key is in the details and Marshall’s wife, Mary Ellen, does a fantastic job on those in all their projects.